Alleged Valencia City drug pusher nabbed

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BUKIDNON NEWS | VALENCIA CITY BUKIDNON – An alleged drug pusher in Valencia City, Bukidnon was recently nabbed by authorities. By virtue of a search and seizure warrant issued by RTC 10 Judge Josefina Bacal, the joint team composed of Valencia City police and the intelligence section of the provincial police command nabbed alleged drug pusher Mark Derwin Jove alyas Tapoy Babela, 22.

Babela is a resident of Purok 2, Poblacion Valencia City. The team raided the house of Evilla Babela and allegedly found the suspect there.

According to a police report obtained by Bukidnon Online, a plastic sachet containing white crystal believed to be shabu as well as several drug paraphernalia were recovered from the suspect. Cash amounting to P134,000 was also seized.

While it’s good to know that the Valencia City police is doing its share in cracking down drug pushers, I think it’s worrisome to note that suspects are getting younger and younger these days. Mark Derwin is only 22 years old!

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  • Get the big fish. You are already at Purok 2, Poblacion and yet you did not arrest the “LORD”? Oh come on….. You do not Know who he is? Use your inteligence fund correctly. do not allow the politicians use it. However, I suspect you knew who this person is but you simply ignore may for some reasons.

    I suspect that the arrest of certain JOVE is again a product of publicity because the City Police and the City Mayor in under fire for a rampant illegal drug trade in Valencia City to be specific the Area of Fernando (Purok 2), the area of Kabaw (purok 12).

    Jesus ko, pastilan gyud Ginoo ko. Ako pay polis ambot lang….. Pero sabagay mahadlok ta kay Sakop man ni Mr. Politician.

    Istolo nyu bulok…. Matagal na yan….. Kumita na yan noon pa. Chief kiskisi pud na imo nawong aron mubati pud kas Kauwaw. You are not performing as protector of the people against drug addiction.

    Pastilan…. ang Peace and order fund dapat gamiton na sa anti-drug campaign dili sa pag panglimbong sa election…..

    Pastilan gyud.

  • Chief Inspector Mutya….

    What happened to your Campaign against drug addiction? Ayaw patulog-tulog boy. Maulaw sad ka. Ingna Mayor Catarata ang 900,000 na intelligence fund e release sa PNP aron madacop is Fernando, si Kabaw, si Haji, pastilan. Kaila gani ko. ambot nimo Chief. Maayo pa mouli kas Kalilangan.

    Ingna Mayor Nakabalay Nman sya sa Commonwealth avenue sa Quezon City ug sa Cagayan de Oro, Ehatag pud sa inyo ang Uban. Paki ingon pud ni Mr. Diosdado Palma, CPA na kun mahimo kana iya kadawatan na share sa Intelligence fund ni Mayor worth 100,000 per quarter iya na e oli kay maulaw sad siya na cge ra na niya e majong.

    Maulaw sad mo ba. Daghan na ang gi pang ilugan ug celphone sa valencia og usa nako. please lang hapit nako mutoo na addict ka Mayor If di ni nimo ma paundang ang drug addiction sa valencia.

    What happend to the killing of Mr. Morales, Mr. Dayondon and the security guard of sincere drug store? wa gihapun solution? Ikaw hepe ug Ikaw mayor Maayo gayod mo ipagpakog ba.

    Kapoy ning Mayor na Bugok human mag pa bright bright dayon. Mas kapuy pagayod ang Kawatan dayon mag palimpyo-limpyo.

    Pastilan Leandro….. Maulaw sad ka. gamita and intellegence fund para sa solution aning mga criminalidad.
    ayaw pag pogi diha kay pangit gyud na imo nawong mura kag mongoloid na may bangkil.

    Paduol Gani mo nako perma dayon waiver na di mo manumbong di ba epakog tamong Diodado Palma ug Hepe.

    Maulaw mo ouy……….

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