Association of Bukidnons in America gives medical equipment to Malaybalay

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The Association of Bukidnons in America (ABA) has donated medical equipment as well as other medical accessories to the Malaybalay Emergency Rescue Unit 117 (MERU 117) last May 16, 2011.

ABA Officer Dennis Metiam, who represented ABA President Carmen dela Cerna who was reportedly in the US, led the turnover.

Metiam, along with other ABA officials, gave the brand new medical equipment to Malaybalay City government officials.Among those donated were electrodes pads for children and adults, automated external defibrillator with complete accessories, professional finger pulse oximeter, manual suction pump by ambulance and automated external defibrillator maintenance inspections records.

All of the donations reportedly cost more than P300,000.00

Kudos to ABA!

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One thought on “Association of Bukidnons in America gives medical equipment to Malaybalay

  • Does anyone have any input on what major medical devices and services are available at the various hospitals in Malaybalay? I’ve had several expat aquaintances say that because this town is small there can’t possibly be any good medical care here.

    I would also like to know why I cannot move my cursor to correct a spelling error & also why I cannot copy & past text from any articles here? If I could do so I would credit this site as I do any copy & paste I make elsewhere?

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