Authorities raid carinderia in Don Carlos Bukidnon

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This post reminds me of the comment posted by a Bukidnon Online reader here. Read “gwapa333″‘s comment on my article about the e-Games casino cafe in Valencia City.

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Last September 13, 2009, authorities raided a small carinderia at Purok 15, Poblacion Don Carlos, Bukidnon. This, because police believed that the establishment was engaged in the illegal numbers game called suwertes.

The raid was conducted by virtue of a search and seizure warrant issued by a Bukidnon judge. The raid, reports say, yielded tally sheets, cash, blank stub, carbon paper, ballpens, tips and blank sheets.

I will no longer name the owner of the carinderia here.

Now my question is — do you think suwertes will ever stop here in the province?

Is suwertes already a “part” of everyday life here in Bukidnon? Also, should people make a big fuss out of the e-Games casino cafe in Valencia City when in fact, according to “gwapa333,” illegal games and other illegal activities such as sabong have already been in existence since time immemorial?

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One thought on “Authorities raid carinderia in Don Carlos Bukidnon

  • Is a ballpen anything like an ink pen? Most people just call those things a pen unless it is a more unusual type such as a fountain pen.

    Actually I wonder why such small time offenses such as penny ante gambling are prosecuted when right in plain sight are many illegal businesses in downtown Malaybalay across from the plaza that sell illegal ukay ukay (every piece is imported illegally) and pirated VCDs. I once went to CDO to SM for a Pacquiao fight and by the time I returned to Malaybalay in the early afternoon, the fight was already on sale in some of those same shops.

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