Baungon barangay councilor, 1 other killed; 4 injured

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Wow, I must say, WOW. Just WOW. Been gone for only a few days for a quick overseas trip and all I managed to gather as latest Bukidnon news are negative stuff! What is going on, Bukidnon?

Case in point: just a mere few days after a Talakag, Bukidnon barangay chairman got ambushed, here’s another news item that says a barangay councilor in Baungon, Bukidnon was killed, too!

Yeah, like I said — WOW. Just WOW.

It’s so disheartening to stumble upon news items like these. Just when we all want to have peace and order in the province, we hear of ambushes, killings, floods, rebel attacks etc etc.

Again, I cannot help but wonder — IS BUKIDNON STILL SAFE?!

With all these negative news, how are the tourism and business programs coming along?

What is the Provincial Government of Bukidnon doing to address these issues?

Is the Provincial Tourism Office doing something to still lure in tourists and guests to the province despite these incidents?

Is the Provincial Governor, Provincial Vice Governor, the Baungon mayor and Baungon vice mayor and all other concerned government officials ready to issue a statement to assure the rest of the people of Bukidnon that this province is still safe and secure and that these attacks are just “isolated incidents”?

Boy, I’m just too devastated to continue. All I want right now is to know if justice will ever be served and if my relatives in Bukidnon will still be kept safe.

In the meantime, if you want to know what happened to the Baungon barangay councilor who got killed, read below:

A barangay councilor and a driver were killed in Barangay Balintao, Baungon, Bukidnon when still unidentified armed men attacked them Sunday morning. Four other locals were injured.

Barangay councilor Engrario Cabido and Benjamin Jañoso were supposed to harvest corn when the armed men ambushed them.

The four victims who got injured were Godofredo A. Cardona, 49; Joel Gondaya, 51; Jañoso’s wife, Genivie and their child Justine. The four were hit by stray bullets.

Land dispute was said to be the motive of the ambush.

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One thought on “Baungon barangay councilor, 1 other killed; 4 injured

  • This country needs to establish, and enforce actual land ownership laws so that when a person buys land he can be assured it actually is his and does not need to bribe officials in order to TRY to establish his ownership. Nobody knows who owns what or who can sell what. In normal countries, land is owned by individuals with legal deeds or by the government which can sell it if it wishes. In Dinagat a person I know was “sold” land they thought they owned because it was given to them many years ago by Ruben Ecleo Sr. because he thought he owned all of Dinagat because he was the king of the PBMA. Those people who “sold” land had paid taxes on it (probably to Ecleo) for years and wanted to sell it to move into the village as they got old but they did not own it. The land still, to this day, belongs to The Philippine government.

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