Bukidnon Buzz: Capitol employees set to receive P80,000 Christmas bonus

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BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY CITY – It’s Christmas and you know what that means – the Capitol employees will again receive hefty Christmas bonuses! A busy bee over at the Provincial Government of Bukidnon cued us at Bukidnon Online that regular and casual employees will receive P80,000 as Christmas bonus each this year while job order employees will receive P40,000 each.

The source told Bukidnon Online that the bonuses haven’t been released yet, though. As to when they’ll receive the money, that has yet to be learned.

Philippine peso one thousand peso billWhat about YOU?

How much will you receive as Christmas bonus this year?

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  • Ambot lang pud kaha dinhi sa amoa sa Valencia..
    ang chicka chicka kay P 2,500 ra daw ang bonus sa Job Order employees..
    T_T kalooy sa Christmas namo kung ing-ana man lang..

  • I agree rolly, at its worst gyud ang province of Bukidnon starting Zubiri’s time…walay project nga na-sustain…puro gasto dayon walay klaro gapa-ingnan…I’m not against bonuses pero murag sobra na man kaayo siya, dili gyud ma-justify…and to think nga daghan pa kaayo mabuhat ang kwarta nga gamay ra makapahimulos…

    @CDO Guide: this has been happening for quite some time now…

    • No matter the official number there are not that many people actually working there. Many are ghost employees who punch in, go home, then back & forth all day while napping at home until time to punch out in the evening. Trust me, I know at least one of those guys. Maybe he will buy my motorcycle with his P80K. That will give him a 50% down payment anyway.

        • Actually I didn’t notice the post I was replying to was made in 2009. Bigcas really doesn’t want to come around my house because I have no time for thieves and drug users.

          About that bike…Where I come from we have motorcycles and minibikes. If it is not allowed on limited access highways it is considered a minibike. My bike here is a “Big Bike” while in my home it is the normal size, in fact usually considered a bit undersized.

  • pahumot na ni zubiri sa taga capitol kay baho na kaau na cya..
    inutil na cya kung mapildi calingasan, kay sabot na cla pa resign calingasan kung mudaog..para siya napud mo puli, pagka hangol gyud kaau sa gahum…

    BUKIDNON PAG MATA NAMO!!! Ayaw namo pa lingla sa ilongo..

    Kita taga bukidnon, gui for sale sa national basta election time, WHAT IS? ZUBIRI COUNTRY daw!!! hahaha, wha cya kuyapi..*&#@?

  • Wonder if there were laws prohibiting bonuses. I would be very glad to know. Otherwise, this practice should be stopped.

  • Dear Rev Fr. Jun Balansag,

    Whether there is a law or not prohibiting bonuses-
    80,000 pesos bonus for employees is extravagant, immoral and unethical! In spirit of Christmas, there are more means and ways to re-allocate those bonuses to serve the poor communities of Bukidnon like education, school buildings, housing projects for the squatters living along Sayre Hi-way, nutrition for poor kids. I think, government employees are more well off than the lumads of Bukidnon who are always marginalized and use by Zubiri as decorations during Kaamulan festival. It’s really a pity that Bukidnon have the most corrupt, immoral, evil and ineffective governor in the person of Joe Zubiri ! May God have mercy on us ! Please pray for us Fr. Balansag !

  • Dear Fr. Balansag,

    Also offer mass and pray for the soul of Joe Zubiri. I hope there will be courageous religious leaders that will speak against the abuses that he is doing in Bukidnon ( live-in with young innocent girls, stealing public money, lying, cheating, buying votes, cuddling squatters, etc.). These are all public knowledge and it seems we are blind, deaf, and mute about all these things. We are only ordinary citizens and we afraid of Zubiri, he may liquidate us, and we have family. But you priests and religious can do it for us; you are our moral leaders. You can choose the path of Fr. Neri Satur and be a saint. Lead and we will follow! Thanks for praying continually for us !

  • Fr Balansag, we have high respect for you because of your advocacy against corruption. We hope that you will take the lead in stopping this excessive, immoral and unethical use and waste of public money. We will be behind you every step of the way !

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