Bukidnon congressman Flores among those who filed impeachment case against Supreme Court Justice — plus our opinion

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MALAYBALAY CITY | BUKIDNON NEWS | COMMENTARY | BUKIDNON ONLINE – Before anything else, we have a question to ask all of you: How many of you in Bukidnon knew that your second district representative was actually one of the 11 lawmakers who filed an impeachment complaint against a Supreme Court justice? Be honest and let us know.

So what is your answer? Please, before you continue reading this post, promise that you leave a comment below and let Bukidnon Online know. We have a good reason as to why we seriously need your honest answer.


So here’s the thing.

Former Malaybalay City Mayor and now Bukidnon 2nd District Rep. Florencio Flores, Jr. was apparently one of the 11 lawmakers who filed an impeachment complaint against Supreme Court Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo, who allegedly plagiarized a decision related to the Malaya Lola comfort women case.

Flores, and the 10 others, filed the case in an effort to warn the SC against tolerating dishonesty and injustices in the system. They claim that del Castillo betrayed public trust for plagiarizing a decision he wrote on the Malaya Lola comfort women case.

News reports say that the Supreme Court, however, has cleared del Castillo. The Supreme Court said that the footnotes containing the acknowledgments of material quoted from various authors had been “accidentally deleted” by the associate justice’s legal researcher and that Associate Justice del Castillo had acted without malice.

Despite Supreme Court’s statement, however, Flores and the 10 other congressmen still filed the case.

As complainants, Flores and the 10 others will also serve as endorsers of the said complaint against del Castillo.

The 11 solons who filed the case are: Akbayan partylist representative Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao and Walden Bello, Reynaldo Umali (Oriental Mindoro), Bernadette Herrera (Bagong Henerasyon), Bolet Banal (Quezon City), Vincent Belmonte (Iligan City), Teddy Baguilat, Jr. (Ifugao), JV Ejercito (San Juan), Cesar Sarmiento (Catanduanes), Irvin Alcala (Quezon) and Flores.

While we aim to ask Congressman Flores for his reasons as to why he decided to endorse this complaint, our immediate question is for all of YOU:

Do you, as a voter in Bukidnon, as a taxpayer in Bukidnon, as a resident of Bukidnon, agree with Flores’ decision to endorse this complaint against del Castillo? Why or why not?

And before you decide on your answer — please remember — Flores carries YOUR voice to Congress. He represents YOU. Now do you agree with him and do you think he represented you well?

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  • i strongly agree with Cong. Flores. the impeachment case filed against the SC Associate Justice may not be well-publicized, yet Cong. Flores made a stand on the issue, then i applaud more the congressman.
    he is our district’s representative in the congress, but his position on various issues may not be agreeable to the majority of his constituents. good job Cong. Flores!

  • in my opinion, there are more important things in the legislature than filing a case against supreme court justice del castillo. I suggest doc boy should focus more in legislating laws in the committees he is assigned to.

  • @junbals-agree with you. Why karon pa si rep. flores nagsupport ani na move against SC del castillo when he was so silent againts the impeachment of the ombudsman? Dili kaha naay personal reason behind this? Maayo pa concentrate sa kalambuan sa D2, daghan pay dapat buhaton.For rep zubiri, perfect attendance, wow. Ako na lang nang Parker pen na imo prize LOL

  • go Doc Boy! dili man distraction sa imo legislative
    work ang impeachment. pilahay ra gyuy pagpirma sa impeachment complaint.
    don’t worry about perfect attendance, does it really matters? as long as you’re doing your work, fine.

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