Bukidnon congressman to run for Senator in 2010 elections

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Now it can really be said. Incumbent Bukidnon 2nd District Congressman Teofisto “TG” Guingona III will indeed gun for a senatorial seat in the May 2010 national elections. TG Guingona will run under former Senate President Manny Villar’s party, the Nacionalista Party.

So far, Rep. Guingona is the second confirmed senatorial candidate under Villar’s party. The other one is Atty. Adel Tamano, a Mindanaoan.

Will his being dubbed a “champion of good governance” also help him in his quest to be the next senator from Bukidnon?


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  • TG Guingona SUCKS! He has not done anything extraordinary for the people of Bukidnon. Puro pasikat sa Manila! The people in Manila thinks he’s all that pero wala gyud siyay nahimo dinhi. He will only be in Bukidnon during campaign time…after that, wala na! Give me good programs led by this so-called “congressman” and let’s see if he’s really worthy to be a Senator.


  • sakto jud dili jud angayang atong supportahan si TG Guingona isip mudagan of Senator karong 2010 election, kay wala man gani siyay nahimo dinhe sa bukidnon, how much more nga mag senador siya………

    from the Concern Citizen of Maramag, Bukidnon

  • this is in response to the comment of valencia concerned citizen, ARE YOU BLIND? CAN’T YOU WALK? OR MAYBE YOU’RE IN PRISON!! well if you’re not! then maybe you’re simply an IGNORANT citizen of valencia..since i pity ignorant people like you, publish here your exact address so that i can send you the comlete lists of national & local accomplishment of Congressman TG Guigona.

    and to Mr. Ricky Gallano, I believed that Maramag belongs to the 3rd Congressional district of bukidnon.. TG Guigona is not your congressman, maybe it is not him you’re refering nga walay nabuhat.. better ask you’re neighbor who you’re congressman is.. anyway, i send you the list also if you want!

  • Please research the facts first before you write hasty generalizations. He may not be the best person nor the best congressman but i believe he is not only working and trying to spur positive change in bukidnon but also in our nation. he is primarily our representative in congress and so far he is doing a really good job as representative; he has never compromised and he always stands by the truth although very few in congress do so. although his fund was at a certain point, unreleased because of his stand, he was still able to implement infrastructure projects which were not accomplished by previous representatives and other programs – he is not just boastful of his accomplishments. you can also ask implementing government agencies and they can vouch that there is transparency and accountability in the use of funds. you can visit his office if you would like to verify your statements. freedom of expression is good but we have to be responsible in givings statements especially when we have not done proper research to the detriment of those who are doing honest job in government.

  • This reaction concerns the comment from Valencia Citizen and Mr. Ricky Gallano:
    I dont agree with you! Are you really from Valencia City? Coz if you are,you cannot say those things. You should be aware of the things that sorrounds you. Its not fair for the Congressman who just wanted to help his constituents through the best that he can, even with limited budget because this administration didn’t release his full funds to help people and build projects. You’re saying he did nothing??? for your information he is the only Congressman i know of, who was able to reach even the most remote barangays in the district. Kabalo ka asa na? Kung wala anhaon taka kay anhaon nato, sama sa mga San Fernando, Impasug-ong, Cabanglasan, Upper Pulangi sa Malaybalay? Ug uban pang lugar? nakatul-tol ka ani nga mga lugar? kana bitaw’ng baklayon lang kay walay sakyanan. Kini nga Congressman – kung muadto sa mga barangay dili magdala isa ka truck nga body guard. Gani driver ug mga staff lang. Dili hambugero sa iyang mga binuhatan ug mga proyekto. Nagtrabaho lang sa hilom! Ug labi na gyud dili siya kurakot! Dili siya bakakon kon mosaad iyang ginatuman kutob sa iyang makaya. Ingon ka magmata na me? Dugay na me nakamata mao bitaw siya amo gibutaran.

  • HAHAHA sikat naman diay ko diri!

    I guess King, Maricar, Carlotte and Mr. X are fans of TG Guingona. Exactly how much did he pay you to say these? Don’t tell me wala mo nakadawat sa iyang P200.00 per vote atong last elections kay kung wala, aguruy undoy!

    Granted that he was able to reach even the most remote barangays (that is, IF this is true!) so what? Exactly what type of projects did he give those barangays that really changed their lives? Kanang dili dole out ha? Kana gyung project nga maka change gyud ug future!!!

    How come among the poorest gihapon ang Bukidnon and how come daghan gihapon malnourished ilabina sa 2nd district?

    And now he wants to run for the Senate? HAHAHA ka joker ba!!!

  • weird ang congress ay for making laws 🙂 karamihan ng sinasabi ng concerned citizen ay mga bagay na dapat gampanan ng executive officials 😮

    cong TG did not recieve any pork or financial grants from the government because he tried to change politics for the better. kung matino sana ang gobyerno yung dapat para sa mga taga-mindanao (kasama ang bukidnon) nakuha sana natin. pero hindi kung sino gusto ng reporma sila ang walang assistance sa gobyerno.

    pero yun lang boboto ka ng congressman at senator para meron tayong mabubuting batas. kung problema ay development or livelihood assistance sa gobernor, mayor, at barangay official mo hinging sa … executive…pwede din sa presidente 😛

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