Bukidnon Election Watch launched – Bukidnon Elections 2013

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BUKIDNON NEWS – With less than one month to go before the official filing of candidacies for the 2013 midterm elections, Bukidnon Online is again launching our own version of the Bukidnon Election Watch campaign or the Bukidnon Elections 2013 series of news, photos, videos etc.

Bukidnon Online first did this during the 2010 elections. Back when Bukidnon news and election updates were hardly accessible via the Internet, Bukidnon Online was there to share updates as much as possible.

This time, for the 2013 Philippine elections, this Bukidnon blog will bring more exclusive news, photos, videos, interviews with both local and national candidates, newsmakers, campaign strategists and other inside information. This Bukidnon website will also monitor campaign finance, electoral crimes and even Epals or epals. “Epal” is slang for “mapapel,” a Filipino term for attention grabbers or people who crave a role (papel) in affairs that are not necessarily theirs to handle or decide. The Anti-Epal campaign will be in support of Blogwatch’s EpalWatch, of which Bukidnon Online is a part of.

For those who want to be a part of this Bukidnon Election Watch 2013 campaign led by Bukidnon Online, please feel free to CONTACT US. Kindly indicate your full name, home address, email address and contact number. A gathering of all volunteers will be scheduled before the end of September in Malaybalay City.

Bukidnon Online will need volunteer writers, photographers, social media enthusiasts, resource persons, people who can take videos even with their cellphones etc. Due acknowledgment/credits will be given.

Bukidnon Online will also launch a mailing list for volunteers of various political campaigns as well. This is to help connect volunteers to the campaign teams. A lot of people have been asking us how they can help their preferred candidates so we aim to help make this possible.

The Bukidnon Election Watch 2013 campaign can be monitored THROUGH THIS TAG or you can follow the Bukidnon Elections 2013 links on the right side of this Bukidnon blog.

Thanks and please share the news 🙂

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