Bukidnon governor Jose Zubiri, Jr. sticks it out with LAKAS CMD KAMPI party

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BUKIDNON | POLITICS BUKIDNON – After the seemingly long and winding road, the ending is still “back to base” or “back to the mother ship.”

Bukidnon Governor Jose Ma. Zubiri, Jr., who heavily campaigned for President Gloria Arroyo in the previous presidential elections and for Team Unity in the last senatorial elections, recently criticized Arroyo and her LAKAS CMD KAMPI party saying that she failed to extend support to provinces that helped deliver the votes, Bukidnon included.

With his recent announcement that he and his mayors will still be with the LAKAS CMD KAMPI party, however, it’s apparent that all’s well that ends well and that everyone has kissed and made up.

jose zubiri jrYesterday, Zubiri led the distribution of party nomination and acceptance forms at a provincial office in Malaybalay City.

Valencia City Councilor Atty. Oliver Owen Garcia confirmed the news with Bukidnon Online.

“Yes, we remain with Lakas,” he said.

Garcia, who will be up for re-election as councilor in Valencia City, also said that the congressional bets for the three districts of Bukidnon are incumbent Rep. Edui Pancrudo (first district), incumbent Malaybalay City Mayor Florencio Flores, Jr. (second district) and incumbent Rep. Joey Zubiri (third district).

Re-electionist Bukidnon 2nd District Board Member Atty. Jun Beltran also confirmed with Bukidnon Online that they remain to be under the LAKAS party.

Governor Zubiri’s son, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, is part of LAKAS.

Just a few weeks ago, Zubiri was eyeing a transfer to the Liberal Party. However, news of the Acosta family protesting the supposed allegiance shift marred the entrance of Zubiri and his partymates to the LP.

Reportedly, Liberal Party provincial head and former Manolo Fortich Bukidnon mayor Socorro Acosta and her son, LP senatorial bet Neric Acosta questioned Zubiri’s intent to join the party. Sources say that the Acostas even reached the point of threatening to leave the party if the LP leaders allow Zubiri to join them.

Sources say that the Liberal Party leaders valued their “relationship” with the Acostas more hence Zubiri’s failure to join the Noynoy Aquino-Mar Roxas led group. (Bukidnon Online News)

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  • Zubiri has no place to go but stay with PALAKA-s party ! He has really done nothing to improve Bukidnon but to advance his self interest. Look at Bukidnon now, so many squatters- just look at Malaybalay.
    So far, he has been the most corrupt and inefficient governor of Bukidnon. All talk and no action for development.

  • Bukidnon has been in the ‘dark ages’ under the feudal lordism of Zubiri, the ultimate purveyor of patronage transactional politics who’s pathetically devoid of decency and integrity.. like other tyrant supertrapos (who maintain young hapless mistresses)- may araw din siya !

  • Gov. Joe’s attempt to bolt Lakas and transfer to LP is the height of political opportunism.. He is not a reformist, nor a progressive-activist. Bukidnon beware…Nonoy Joe has a mindset similar to the Ampatuans of Maguindanao…

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