Bukidnon job alert – Farm personnel wanted


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A farm in Northern Mindanao welcomes applicants from Bukidnon. FJWEGON Farm, an affiliate of SIMON GROUP OF COMPANIES, needs farm office employees. Their farm is located at Igpit, Opol, Misamis Oriental and they welcome applicants from the Province of Bukidnon.

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1. Maintains files, including filing of general ledger journal vouchers, accounts
payable documentation, and other miscellaneous filings.
2. Types a variety of documents, reports, and records.
3. Assumes responsibility for effectively researching, tracking, and resolving
(or properly referring) accounting or documentation problems and discrepancies.
4. Maintains regular contact with other departments to obtain and convey information
and/or to correct transactions.
5.Keeps management informed of area activities and of any significant problems.
6. Attends and participates in meetings as required
7. Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained.
8. Completes special projects and miscellaneous assignments as required.
9. Assist with accounts payable, prepare checks.
10.Assist with payroll preparation.
11. Other duties as assigned.


Single not more than 35 years old
Residents of CDO or nearby areas extending to Bukidnon, Butuan, Misamis Oriental

Must possess the ff. core values & characteristics
a. High sense of urgency
b. Keen to details with high numerical ability
c. Flexible & adaptable to various type of working environment
d. Critical thinker

And enjoy these fantastic benefits:
· Hospitalization: Php150,000.00 per illness .
· Accident Insurance: Up to Php500,000.00 covering On & Off work.
· Length of Service Incentive, Birthday Cash Gift ,Children’s Educational Assistance,
Annual Salary Review, Merit Increase, Retirement Program & travel abroad incentives.

78 Plaridel Street, Cebu City, Tel. # 255-2020 local 113
Email at myjob@simongrupo.com( Please indicate job title in the subject )

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  • I sent the following e-mail to that company.
    You have a position for some kind of office manager. This kind of position requires maturity and it is simply ridiculous to use "single" as a requirement. A single person has no family obligations and is likely to be absent often to attend to social affair rather than feeling the need to appear at work every day. A married person with children knows they have responsibilities and will go to work every day because they know they have a family to support.

    Your position requires that the person "assumes responsibility for effectively researching…" yet you limit your potential work force to young, mostly irresponsible people. In many countries it is against the law to place an age limit on most positions that do not require a person to be relatively young when first performing the job, such as police officers and military personnel.

    However, if I were in the US and placing this type of job ad, while forbidden to use age as employment criteria I would always try to hire older, married, unattractive people with families who I could reasonable presume would come to work everyday and be diligent in the performance of their duties.

    This situation of always hiring young single people is the very reason why nobody actually KNOWS their job and can perform it adequately. I have lived in this country for 8 years and I see this as just one of the problems infecting (yes, infecting as in disease, not affecting) the employment situation.

  • hai good day, I think I have the capability its almost a year that I was looking for a job near in malaybalay, I am flexible and willing to be train in whatever fields you are hiring, I am self discipline and if asked if I am a critical thinker? I am. I can work more and educated enough to some of the college graduates, because my education is by experience.i am willing to be interview,

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