Bukidnon Kaamulan 2011 Festival updates

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BUKIDNON NEWS | KAAMULAN FESTIVAL 2011 – The Kaamulan Festival is the biggest festival in the Province of Bukidnon so it’s but natural that people want to know if there are any updates with regard to the preparations of the 2011 Kaamulan Festival celebration. My ever-trusty Girl Friday paid the Bukidnon Tourism Office a visit yesterday and she gathered that, indeed, the Provincial Government of Bukidnon is already busy with the preparations for the much-awaited Bukidnon Kaamulan 2011.

In fact, Bukidnon Governor Alex Calingasan has issued Memorandum Circular Number 213-2010 which calls for all department heads and requires that all help out in the preparations.

Incidentally, May Flor Beltran-Intong, the overall chairperson of the Kaamulan festivities, is reportedly abroad and is on leave. She will be back next year. Which means that there will be a new Kaamulan 2011 Overall Chairman.

The Kaamulan Festival is a yearly gathering of all 7 hill tribes of Bukidnon. It is the largest festival in the province. It usually begins on the 3rd week of February and ends until March 10 of that year. March 10 is the foundation day of Bukidnon.

Most of the duly accredited and recognized Kaamulan events are held in Malaybalay and Valencia.

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  • hi, when exactly is the culminating activity for the festival? I’m planning to fly in from manila to visit my family and to join in the festivities as well (my family owns BBC in Malaybalay :p)

    • @Nicole – Hi Nicole, I have met your mom and dad and I often eat at BBC 🙂 I just checked your blog, I think we have a common friend who’s about to get married on January 20 😀 I will be a 2nd photographer that day. My brother Bon will be the main one 🙂 as for Kaamulan, the tourism office hasn’t released any specific details pa talaga. Odd, I know. Street dancing day is the best time to come. That usually happens on a Saturday (first week of March or the nearest Saturday before March 10 — the foundation day of Bukidnon). Come and let’s take a lot of photos 🙂

  • Really? That’s great! Whenever I visit my family I just hang out at BBC 🙂 Oh yeah, Marie’s getting married in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the head’s up ha, I just need to know when exactly the street dancing day is so I can book my flight early. Sure sure, let’s take photos of the festivities 🙂

    • @Nicole – NP 🙂 The biggest festivities talaga start from March 1 to 10 🙂 March 10 is last day since it’s the foundation day na talaga. Technically though the stalls will still remain since Charter Day naman ng Malaybalay on March 22 hehe

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