Bukidnon lady lawmaker gamely gets haircut at barber shop

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A barber shop may usually be a place where boys and men get their hair cut, groomed, shaved, styled and dressed up. However, a city councilor in Bukidnon – a female at that – broke the usual “code” and gamely got her haircut at a barber shop instead!

Valencia City councilor Rhea Rhenna Agripo shared that in the beginning, she felt she was “trespassing to an unfamiliar territory.”

“But I’ve realized it’s actually a shop where you receive an unbelievable haircut, barato pa!,” she said, adding that she was only charged Php 350.00 for the service. She said it was the cheapest hair treatment for women she ever encountered since most treatments for ladies cost thrice as much, she added.

The Valencia Bukidnon councilor posted before and after photos and Bukidnon Online is sharing them below, with expressed consent from Councilor Rhea:

brunos barber shop centrio cdo

What do you think of her new look?

I like it! And I like just how game Councilor Rhea is — reminds me of how cool her late father, former Bukidnon Vice Governor Sir Wenie Agripo, was, too!

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