Bukidnon leg of Ronda Pilipinas tour 2011 receives flak

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“Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

This was the very first line of the email that BukidnonOnline.com received from a reader whose identity we shall protect.

Apparently, the reader (and several others who sent in their complaints) is pissed at the recently concluded Ronda Pilipinas Tour 2011 Malaybalay City Bukidnon leg. Ronda Pilipinas 2011 is supposedly a 12-day race organized by LBC and allegedly sanctioned by PhilCycling. Four UCI officials reportedly supervised the tour – Beatrice Lajawa, Jamal Mahmood, Henk Van der Linden and Martin Bruin.

According to the reader, a large part of Sayre Highway / Fortich Street, Malaybalay City was closed to traffic Saturday because of the race.

“The highway was closed. That meant that vehicles including passenger buses had to take alternative routes. A lot of passengers got confused and stranded! I myself had to walk a good 2 kilometers from the bus terminal in Malaybalay up to the forestry area in Sumpong just so I can catch a bus!,” the reader complained.

“Why did the Malaybalay City Government allow this to happen? There was no proper traffic management and for all the hassles and inconvenience we all had to go through just to accommodate a stupid race, I have now promised myself to never, ever patronize LBC! Stupidity at its finest!”

Based on our mini research, the Ronda Pilipinas Cycling Championship Tour 2011 started in Cagayan de Oro and ended in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

To the reader who wrote us and sent us this complaint — thank you for trusting Bukidnon Online. We’ll do our best to get the side of LBC as well as of the Malaybalay City Government. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we want to know if there are others out there who also have complaints about the staging of Ronda Pilipinas 2011 in Malaybalay Bukidnon. Please feel free to leave a comment below or you can CONTACT US directly. Thanks!

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  • dli man guro ma pordoy ang lbc kung dli nimo e patronized, oa pud kau para kato ra nga day, and dapat proud ta kay isa ta sa host… maal

  • i agree of being proud ta na host ta sa event.. well, it’s a national event.. sa valencia grabe kadelikado sa mga nagapil sa contest.. mas walay saktong traffic management didto.. halos gakadisgrasya ang mga galumba sa tabok2 sa mga rela, motor ug multicab…

    guro next time, proper lang na announcement aron makabalo daan mga tao sa event ug maaware sila sa traffic advisory..

    • Hi Ben, thank you for your comment. Agree with you — there should have been proper coordination. According to the email sender, it took him two hours waiting period daw eh. That’s too much of a delay, methinks.

  • please dont overreact,instead you should have a little patience and more understanding..sakto sila na we should just be proud that the ronda pilipinas started their first leg here in mindanao,the only 2 cities here in mindanao where they went to..maybe wala lng proper coordination with the city government mao naingon ato..

    • Hi Francis, thank you for your comment. I hope the email sender gets to read your comment and maybe leave a reaction. I guess we cannot blame the email sender because hassle nga naman. If the highway was closed last Saturday then that meant a whole lot of adjustment not only for the motorists but for the business establishments along Fortich Street as well. Obviously, if the highway was closed, there will be lesser traffic and lesser customers din. Maybe the race organizers should explain.

  • FRANCIS: I want to ask you. Why should we have patience and understanding for an event that Malaybalay did not need in the first place??? I was one of those nga na-hassle gyud ug pag-ayo last Saturday. We all waited for buses sa terminal pero wala gyud nagsulti sa amoa nga in-ana man diay ang nahitabo sa highway. Mura mi ug mga amaw waiting for buses for so long!

    Don’t tell us not to overreact kay dili ikaw ang na hassle!

    Usa pa, so what diay kung naay Ronda Pilipinas? What did Malaybalay get from that? Nabayran ba ta? Did we all get paid for that event? Do you think more people will come to Malaybalay because of that event when in fact even people get killed, get robbed, get attacked even sa city proper???

    Kung wala lang man diay proper coordination sa city government like you said then why hold the event at all? Mao nay STUPID!

    • Hi Kathleen! Thank you for your comment. We feel you and empathize with you. We wouldn’t want to have been in your shoes din. We hate waiting and we know that was a big hassle on your part.

      Hope the city government or the Ronda Pilipinas 2011 tour organizers can contact you or at least explain their side.

  • relax lang, if you think it will not help malaybalay, im telling you it will help a lot.. specially sa tourism natin sa bansa, i’ve been watching tour the france and the terrain is as much or more difficult compare to france. i myself want to create an event like that but lbc already started it… we dont know someday it will be an international event… we better be thankful because it will help alot in our country and will create jobs… its for the good of us… big things always start on small… so dont complain be thankful… if u really want to blame somebody then blame it to the local government their the one who will announce to the community not the lbc philcycling… their not doing there jobs.. even in kaamulan there is no proper announcement that the road will be close, the only thing is that its a tradition already thats why we know that the road will be close but proper announcement is not there… but just relax it will not happen everyday its only one day event..

    • Hello Mannix, thank you for your comment. We DO hope that this event will prove to be beneficial for Malaybalay City or even for Bukidnon as a whole. However, we cannot blame these complainants. Mahirap nga din naman if they had to wait for hours. Guess they also had important things to do and to wait for hours is not an option.

      By the way, have you seen any of the ads put out by LBC or by Ronda Pilipinas Tour 2011? Was Malaybalay or Bukidnon included? We saw a TV ad but Malaybalay or Bukidnon were not included man gud.

  • exagerated complaint!

    safe to assume that the complainant is not a cyclist / biker 😀

    to host a start or finish of such event is an honor. look at the grand tours (Giro, TdF and Vuelta), they even have to bid just to host a start or finish.

    tourism 😉

    are there any more complaints regarding Stage 1?


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