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BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON UPDATES – The Bukidnon Hymn – English version was composed by Filomeno M. Bautista between 1925 and 1932. Thanks to Bukidnon 2nd District Board Member Atty. Nemesio “Jun” Beltran for sending to Bukidnon Online the lyrics of this beautiful song. Beltran recently authored a provincial resolution requiring the singing of the Bukidnon Hymn in all events in the Province of Bukidnon where the national anthem is also sung.

Please see the lyrics of the English version of this official Bukidnon song below:

Where ever I may roam,
The distant land to see;
I long to go back soon,
To sweet Bu-kid-non home.

Her lovely mountain’s high,
With forest old and grand;
Bring memories to me,
The home I long to see.


There my heart yearns to be,
In far away Bukidnon land,
Under its blue starry sky
Where love and joy never die.

(Optional 2nd & 3rd stanzas)

The broad and green plateaus,
The rivers winding through;
My heart doth long no more of,
Wonders of the world;

The balmy gentle wind,
That kiss the travelers brow;
Will blow and ever blow,
Wherever I may go.
(Repeat chorus)

The silver water falls,
In distance one can see;
In beauty they express,
The strangers sincere praise.

The long and zigzag roads,
The canyons deep and wide;
Will ever be enshrined,
In all Bukidnon mind.
(Repeat chorus)

There my heart yearns to be,
In far away Bukidnon land,
Under its blue starry sky
Where love and joy never die.
Never die.


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  • Re, Bukidnon My Home hymn: I am a bit confused at the statement that Mr. F. Bautista composed the song and the lyrics were done by Mr. N. Beltran. I spent my elementary and high school years in Linabo and Malaybalay, (1950-19600. I remember vividly that my fourth grade teacher then, taught us the first stanza and chorus of the song. To date, I still know the song by heart and every so often I sing it with gusto.
    I am not trying to descredit the two aforementioned gentlemen, but who is credited with the song I learned in the fourth grade, which is exactly the same (verbatim)?

  • @Mr. Bautista – thank you for your comment. Mr. Filomeno Bautista composed the song. Atty. Beltran merely SENT me the lyrics, sorry for the confusion. I have edited my blog post. Credit as composer goes to Mr. Filomeno Bautista

  • In addition, Mr. Filomeno Bautista composed the song between 1925 and 1932. The Binukid version of the song can also be found here in Bukidnon Online =) That version was composed by Prudencio Caterial.

    Thanks so much for visiting Bukidnon Online =)

  • Wow!..just reading the lyrics brings vivid memories of my childhood…thank you so soo much for posting this…and i agree with Mr. Filomeno Bautista…for

    “The canyons deep and wide;
    Will ever be enshrined,
    In all Bukidnon mind.”

    Miss yah soo much Bukidnon…looking forward to my vacation on January!

  • I have the lyrics of Bukidnon Hymn in “Bisaya”. I would like to share it with you since Bisaya is the most common dialect in the Visayas and Mindanao areas. Here it is:

    Bisan asa kita
    Sa halayong dapit
    Mobalik gihapon
    Sa atong Bukidnon

    Nindot nga kabukiran
    Lunhaw’ng kalasangan
    Tam-is palandungon
    Yuta ko’ng matahum


    Dughan ko nagahandum
    Sa yuta ko nga Bukidnon
    May kahayag ug kalinaw
    Gugma’g kalipay sa kanunay

    (Balik KORUS)

  • With all my respect to the composers of “Bukidnon my Home” First, to Mr. Filomeno Bautista who composed the music and the lyrics and secondly, to Mr. Prudencio Caterial who has the binukid translation, I’d like to share this lyrics in Bisaya,,, Mabuhay Bukidnon!

    I want to sing our Bukidnon hymn with pride and “true understanding” of the lyrics. God Bless,,,

  • thanks Maam je, I like it so much …..as I lived in Bukidnon its my pleasure to sing this bisaya version” Ato gayod kining sinultian ganahan gayod ako niini kay ako gayod nasabtan ang boot ipahinunok niining kantaha….. I love it proud to say taga Bukidnon ako

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