Bukidnon officials also maximize power of Facebook, internet in campaigns

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BUKIDNON | POLITICS | BUKIDNON NEWS | TECHNOLOGY | SOCIETY – The national candidates for the upcoming May 10, 2010 elections are not the only ones using the power of the Internet in their campaigns. Even local candidates have embraced the power of cyberspace and have gone the social networking route. Of course, the candidates here in the Province of Bukidnon have also infused the power of the information superhighway and have maximized the power of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and blogs.

Bukidnon Online noticed two candidates – one running as a Congressman in the 2nd District of Bukidnon and another run running as councilor in Valencia City, Bukidnon -who seem to have good presence in Facebook.

Malaybalay City Mayor Florencio T. Flores, Jr., who’s now gunning for a seat in Congress representing the second district of Bukidnon, seems to have a lot of supporters furiously campaigning for him online. Several “fan pages” have been put up for him and his campaign paraphernalia have been distributed and “tagged and re-tagged” by Facebook friends.


Another online campaign that got our attention is of re-electionist Valencia City Councilor Atty. Oliver Owen “Babba” Garcia’s. Atty. Babba’s poster (found below) has made quite the rounds all over Facebook and Friendster. We also saw this on a few blogs (possibly owned by Valencia City-based supporters)


It’s a good thing that our local politicians have started to understand and acknowledge the power of the Internet. Given the more competitive atmosphere in local politics these days, we’re thinking it’s imperative for political candidates to now embrace all means possible – especially the free and easy ones! (blogs can be created for free and Facebook/Friendster/Twitter/Plurk accounts can be opened for free as well) – so that they can have that edge over other candidates.

Do you know of other candidates that have launched their own Facebook campaigns, too? Let us know!

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  • With all due respect to the Honorable candidates. It is unfortunate that not one of the official offices:
    Provincial assessors office,Municipal Tax office,or Malaybalay city has any official e-mail address. It may advantageous for them to have internet to their respective offices so that expatriates and balik bayan’s could pay their respective taxes more easily in support of one of the most beautiful places on earth “Bukidnon” furthermore interoffice communication could be streamlined. perhaps “e-mail communications should be offered with the Blogging 101 course? Clearly the Candidates have a good grasp of cyberspace!!

    • @Jonathan/Alice – Thank you very much for your comment and for visiting my humble Bukidnon blog. Yes, that has always been a problem here. Truth be told, even the official website of the province isn’t regularly updated (which is the very reason why I decided to start this blog anyway). I will take note of your suggestion for the upcoming Blogging 101 workshop, thank you. Let’s just hope that there will be participants from the government sector because Lord knows how much they need to familiarize themselves with the Internet!

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