BUKIDNON ONLINE Exclusive: Erap, Binay et al will be in Bukidnon on Sunday

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BUKIDNON NEWS – Thanks to my very good friend Valencia City Councilor Atty. Oliver Owen Garcia, Bukidnon Online got a hold of this very juicy scoop.

Former President Erap Estrada, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay et al will be in Bukidnon on Sunday, October 18, 2009. The group will reportedly grace the annual convention of Bukidnon Planters Association. The sugarcane planters convention will be held at the University Convention Center of Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon.

atty-oliver owen garcia

Valencia City Councilor Atty Oliver Owen “Babba” Garcia

Can you guess what they’ll do in Bukidnon?

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  • As expected it is politics.

    back to local. Councilors Garcia and chan are in the pictures. I am reminded of their case in ombudsman.

    Councilor Garcia is a co-respondent in a criminal and administrative complaint filed against them by City Assessor Arnold Azucena. Azucena alleges that Garcia’s father offered the Valero St. in Valencia City for sale to the City Government at the price of 6,000,000 pesos. During the pr-appraisal stage conducted by the City Assessor to verify the legality, physical data, and the availability of comparables, he found out that the offer should be rejected outright due to its legal issues.

    City Street cannot be sold to the City or even a subdivision road cannot be sold to the City Government without violating the Law ( PD 957).

    Due to failures of Azucena to appear to the City Council session but he had a sick leave duly approved by the City Mayor, Gacia authored the Cuty
    Council Resolution asking the Mayor to descipline the City Assessor.

    The Mayor with speed of light, he ordered the City Assessor to cease and desist from functioning, hence this case.

    Councilor Chan:

    He is also a co-respondent in the complaint filed by City Assessor Azucena because of his alleged evil motive and his participation in the removal of the City Assessor from his department.

    Azucena is now assigned to the City Civil Registrar’s office without a table, Chair and a staff. He simply tranasfer from one chair to another. he had nothing to do because no functions was given to him.

    Chan’s son michael offered his parcel of land to the City Government at the price of 120 pesos per square meter. The land is located in Tugaya, Valencia City. the property is consisting of two titles with an area of 9.99 hectares. Just take note of the location and its elevation.

    The property is not in the name of Michael Chan when he offered but already in the name of Landbank of the Philippines. However he repurchased it at 500,000 pesos. The banks appraisal of the property is just 700,000 for the whole property.

    The price offered to the City is exorbitant. Hence the City Assessor being the Chair of City Appraisal Committee opposed the purchase.

    Councilor Chan make some follow-ups with that land through his letter to the City Assessor. He even attended the City Appraisal committee meeting even he was not invited. He showed his arrogance and grave misconduct.

    When Garcia filed his resolution, he supported it. Now they are facing the Criminal and administrative cases before the office of the ombudsman.

    Would you believe the accusation is true?

  • If not with this opposition of this ordinary employee, the City Assessor, the Cty Government will lost 18,000,000 from these Councilors and their cohorts.

    We cannot expect that the employee be a saint but it is enough that an employee will stand against this corrupt Government officials.

    Councior Arlene P. Ayon.

    This councilor Ayon is a well-known manufacturer of tax declaration in Valencia City.

    She had a loan account with the Pennensula rural bank and she used a fake tax declaration in order to obtain a bigger loan amount.

    Ayon denied that she had no participation with this illegal acts but the witnesess pointed out that it is councilor ayon who presented the taxdeclation to Mr. Rufino Sagusoy for annotation of her loan but sagusoy did not act instead he ndorsed her to Mrs Lelia Gonzaga, the chief of Records division. Gonzaga did not annotate the loan because the tax declation presented in fake. but she managed to submit it to the Penbank and her loan was released.

    Councilor Ayon shame on you.

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