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Hello, everyone! Bukidnon Online, the longest-standing blog about Bukidnon, Philippines, has great news! We are now Instant Articles ready. This means that when you use your smartphone and click on the posts found on the Bukidnon Online Facebook page, it will be an amazingly easier and faster experience for you. You can access the website in literally an instant 🙂 Allow us to explain further.

Facebook’s Instant Articles allows us to share our blog entries on our page and as a result, you can see more interactive elements on your mobile phones. This is accessible for Android and iOS phones.

So when you browse our Facebook page and you see a small lightning sign on the bottom left of a post, it is Instant Articles ready.

Instant Articles also means faster load times. Faster load times means easier reading experience for all of you, our dear readers!

You can also see a “Share” option at the top right portion and a “like” option at the end of each article. So it’s easier for all of us to share the good (and the bad) news in Bukidnon.

In terms of interactivity, Instant Articles on this Bukidnon News blog will also allow you to easily read and watch auto-play videos, audio captions, tilt-to-pan photos, full screen photos as well as interactive maps.

Bukidnon Online is the very first Bukidnon blog that is Instant Articles-capable 🙂

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