Bukidnon Province – Northern Mindanao’s Finest

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Bukidnon province is surrounded by the lands of Misamis Oriental, Agusan del Sur, Davao, Cotabato, Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur. The province is rich in lush forests and unexploited mountains. There are also a lot of rivers, sugarcane and pineapple plantations, and rice fields and plains. Besides all this, what else makes Bukidnon as the pride of Region 10?

Ancient Tribes

The peaceful Bukidnon Province is named after its indigenous tribe. Known as people of the mountains, the Bukidnons were the original settlers of the province. After a while, people from Visayas also migrated to Bukidnon Province. These people have developed their own government system headed by a Datu. Vibrant and colorful clothing is made for women of the tribe. This is ancient evidence that the tribes have their own creative style when it comes to forms of beautification.

bukidnon mapAlong with six other tribes, the Bukidnons gather together in Malaybalay in late February to early March to celebrate the Kaamulan Festival with the locals and tourists of the province. The purpose of the feast is to unite the ethnic groups of the area because there had been misunderstandings between tribe men. In addition to that, the Kaamulan Festival encourages a deeper understanding and respect involving the tribal groups and the lowlanders who live in the Bukidnon Province. At the festival, the tribe men teach dances, chants and other rituals to the people in the city while travelers and guests are allowed to watch or even join the natives dance. A reenactment of the native’s wedding ceremony is also held as a special feature of the Kaamulan Festival.

Commerce and Trade

Bukidnon Province has the best of everything especially in terms of tourist spots. There is an easy access to the air and seaports of neighboring provinces. Besides that, the province is also a good center of agriculture because its graphical location is not prone to typhoons. This is also the reason why Bukidnon is able to provide a good production of livestock, vegetable and fruits. As a matter of fact, the province is known for the finest Del Monte Pineapple Plantation which is one of the biggest pineapple plantations in the world.

The rising requirement for food in the region is dealt with the steady growth of crops and other food sources. There is enough supply for everyone because of the exceptional growth of agro-industrial projects in the province. This shows the practicality of building agricultural businesses in Bukidnon province. As a result, big companies such as Del Monte Philippines and Dole Philippines have already recognized the sensibleness of doing full operations in Bukidnon. Besides agricultural opportunities, manufacturing industries also show immense potentials.

It is just right to conclude that Bukidnon Province has been very successful in maintaining sufficient growth for its people. Since the provincial government continues to prepare for further growth, Bukidnon is bound to move forward. The enhancement of convenience is already addressed by the construction of new roads. Aside from this, the government of Bukidnon is also looking at the rehabilitation of old roads as well as standardization of bridge capacities. All these modernization projects and several improvement campaigns would benefit the people of the mountains.

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