Bukidnon tourist spot: new Impasugong giant Kaamulan headdress, dancers, cowboys

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BUKIDNON | BUKIDNON ONLINE | BUKIDNON TOURISM | IMPASUGONG BUKIDNON – Bukidnon has a new tourist spot – well, okay, more like an ideal stopover for great photo ops but at least it’s doing something good especially for Bukidnon tourism!

The Municipality of Impasug-ong Bukidnon has recently put up giant statues along Sayre Highway and near the town proper as well. If you’re traveling the Cagayan de Oro to Bukidnon or CDO to Davao route, you can see these new giant statues at Impasugong Bukidnon.

Since Impasug-ong Bukidnon is known as the “Home Of The Country’s Finest Cowboys,” there are statues of giant cowboys as well. We must say, however, that the most photographed and most visited area would be where the giant Kaamulan headdress and dancers are. Check out the photos after the jump! Just click “Read More” 🙂

Also, you can find that exclusive video greeting of Piolo Pascual for Bukidnon! And yes, ONLY BukidnonOnline.com made that possible!

Here you can see the new Impasugong Bukidnon tourism photos.

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  • well, …
    but the giant statues really look ugly depicting faces of the “lumads”.. it should have been made better to manifest the true beauty of the BUKIDNONS- Madagway ha mga Laga..

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