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BUKIDNON ONLINE | TECHNOLOGY – Yes, folks! Bukidnon Online, your uber friendly and may I daresay, largest and only interactive blog about the Province of Bukidnon, is finally ratified! And we have an absolutely wonderful ranking, folks! Check out our pretty button from Ratified.org:

Ratified.org Philippines

For the uninitiated, Ratified.org measures the top 100 blogs of the Philippine blogosphere. Ratified does this by weighing in a certain blog’s Feedburner data sprinkled with data gathered from Google, Yahoo! and Alexa.

Well, based on our current button, Bukidnon Online isn’t part of the top 100 blogs in the entire Philippines YET but hey, we’re getting there! Out of the hundreds, nay, possibly thousands of blogs in the entire country, this blog about Bukidnon is part of the top 140! That’s not bad 🙂

Thanks to everyone for continually supporting this humble Bukidnon blog! WOOT! 🙂

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