Pacquiao versus Mosley free livestream will feature FREE livestreaming of the Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley fight today, Sunday, May 8, 2011 (May 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada). Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley fight free […]

The fun-filled Firefox 4 Launch Party in Bukidnon

BUKIDNON ONLINE | BUKIDNON EVENTS | TECHNOLOGY – It was the day Mozilla Firefox 4 bedazzled several Bukidnon web surfers! Just a few days ago, Bukidnon Online, the lead convenor […]

Google Mapping Party for Bukidnon is a go! Mappers, please check this for reminders

YES, YES, YES! The much-awaited Google Mapping Party in Bukidnon (and for Bukidnon!) is finally a go this Wednesday, April 27, 2011. is very proud to again be at […]

Bukidnon Online Exclusive: Our very special guest during the Kaamulan Festival 2011

BUKIDNON ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – If you’re a regular visitor of this humble blog about Bukidnon, then you may have noticed that our posts have not exactly been up to date. […]

Special announcement: talk to a consul directly from the US Embassy in Manila

Do you have plans of applying for a US tourist visa? Has it always been a dream of yours to visit the United States of America but whenever you try […]

Contest alert: answer and win delicious Bukidnon corn coffee and more!

Hey guys! Here’s a great chance for you to try healthy and delicious corn coffee for FREE! Just join this cool and easy Bukidnon Online contest 🙂 All you have […]

King of Acoustic Paolo Santos to hold a special Valentine’s Day concert in Bukidnon

Leave it to MGM Resort to produce a truly special Valentine’s Day concert that people will remember for years! February 14, 2011 will really be a special time to celebrate […]