Confirmed: former Bukidnon congressman Neric Acosta to run for senator in 2010

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BUKIDNON NEWS – He was a three-term Bukidnon First District Congressman. In the last elections, however, he lost his gubernatorial bid against incumbent Bukidnon Gov. Jose Ma. Zubiri, Jr. Now, he’s gunning for an even higher position.

It’s confirmed.

JR Nereus “Neric” Acosta will run for senator under the Liberal Party in the May 2010 elections.

neric acosta 2010

Visit the Official Neric Acosta 2010 website here. Incidentally, you can find one of Bukidnon Online’s articles about the Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon legislator (I wrote about him being declared by the Kaya Natin! Movement as one of the champions of good governance)

Now the question is — do you think former congressman Neric has what it takes to be a senator?


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  • The Bakya crwd voted Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Sonny Trillanes, Honasan, Madrigal, Joseph estrada, Alejandro Almendras, Amang Rodrigues, and de La Rosa as Senators, whose Senate performance were so dismal.

    There is no reason for a highly principled man with PhD in Political Science from University of Hawii if he will not be elected Senator.

    As Congressman He is the Principal Author of the Clean Air Act, The Ecological Solid waste Management Act, among others.

    He is also an advocate of gramen or micro financing for women. Those peoplewho is attacking this project is just insecured of the performance of Acosta. He shines so much in Bukidnon Politics, That is why he was destroyed by his political opponent.

    He team-up then with then Valencia mayor Jose M. Galario, Jr. and Then Malaybalay Mayor Nick Jurolan, also a political stars of Bukidnon and both a victim of political killing.

  • @hans – Critics might say – if he’s really all that, how come he didn’t win when he ran for Bukidnon governor? What are your thoughts about that?

  • among the senatoriables for 2010, he is the most capable. Someone so young and successful, he is a btreath of fresh air to the sagging reputation of politics the philippine style. that is why i was wondering what is he doing in local politics? I think he deserved to be in the national stage. he is our typical pilipino politico, more substance, less gimmick. with the CLEAN AIR ACT, AND CLEAN WATER ACT tucked under his belt, it is time for him to pursue the CLEAN GOVERNANCE ACT too. Padayon mr. Clean. we believe in you.

  • To be be strght, Gov. Zubiri is a Good Magician, with much money and goons and guns.


    I can say that he is a good magician because he managed to win even in Manolo Fortich. A truck load of bollot boxes were found in Quezon, Bukidnon before the election day. It is a fact that the election was made early in Kitao-tao, a barangays in Cabanglasan, and Talakag. In Valencia City a series of ink markings and not allowing the voters to vote, and the delisting of at least 3,000 voters. This is a gossip in valencia but remember the saying: “there is fire when there is smoke”. By considering those circumstances, do you think Neric can win?

  • Look what happened to Maguindanao Migz zubiri won by a landslide against Kuko Pimentel. If Gov. Zubiri can make it in Maguindanao why not in Bukidnon?


    Gov. Zubiri enjoys the support of the Lumad armed men in Upper Kitao-tao, Bukidnon.


    Do you think Dr. Neric is richer and “galante” like Joe?

    Neric Acosta is not poor but he needs the financial support of the people.

  • Let’s deliver another brilliant son of mindanao to the senate. we are so blessed with koko pimentel and neric acosta. the former might just have secured his place in the senate, the latter will have to secure his yet. Join the GENERICS Movement now (Go, Elect NERIC sa Senado Movement).

  • I just hope, when neric would win as a senator, he would use his pork barrel for the common good. I have nothing against Grameen Banking, if he uses other sources other than people’s money. BINHI and BULIG, which survived because of PDAF infusions, will always be the Damocles’ Sword hanging above his head.

  • Fr Jun Balansag and Fr. Willy Torayno are the principal complainants in a case filed against Dr. Neric Acosta for Violation of anti graft and corrupt practices act.

    I admire the courage of ths complainant because by filing a complaint alone is not an easy thing. Your life is in danger. Fr. Jun then is the Parish priest of Guinoyoran parish and Social Action Director.

    The case was filed because (as alleged in the complaint) Then Rep. Acosta illegally transfered his port barrel funds to Binhi and Bulig. also the transfer of solar drier from Talakag to other place which is tantamount to violation of RA 3019.

    Fr. Jun was accused then of having been influenced by Gov. Zubiri because he is a allegedly a relative by affinity of Zubiri.

    Now on Acosta case: The transfer of pork barrel funds to a private non-stock non profit corporation with his mother, father, and aunt as incorporators is illegal. But the case is still pending in Ombuudsman ( filed in Sandiganbayan) as of today. Hence, we must pressume that Dr. Neric is innocent until proven otherwise.

    Fr. Jun the money was not channelled to nerics pocket it is on the binhi’s members. Let us give him another Chance. Please ask Fr. Willy also to withdraw your case. it is quite a long time that the case is pending.

    May the Lords peace be with you…..

  • Fr. jun, i commend your advocacy against corruption; i am with you in this. However, there are things which at first glance seems inappropriate yet legal; looks odd yet moral. This is my own opinion on Neric’s Grameen project. When the case was filed against it, I’ve heard some borrowers were encouraged not to pay their loans to the detriment of those who are in need of them most (mostly the poor who cannot access traditional lenders with staggering interests). Now, as a consequence borrowers forfeited their obligations (infidelity which is immoral); secondly, it deprives the needy ones (again, immoral). What happened, was, in our pursuit of making sure that everything was legal, we forgot the moral impact of such an initiative. If to provide a decent way of uplifting people’s lives merit suspicions of legality, then we don’t know anymore whether to be legal is the same as to be moral. In this country however, this is not the case. Casinos are legal yet we know that they’re immoral because of their consequences. Neric’s action is foremost moral and legal (he has the whole manolo fortich council to concur on its legality). Can you really believe that the Mam Coring can become a party to a crime?
    On the other hand, there are things which seem commendable yet immoral, appropriate yet unethical. This is (in my own opinion) how i described the filing of this case against Neric and his mom. Just my humble opinion.

  • I’ve heard that Neric was disliked because he is not good on providing concrete roads for his constituents. From my own little understanding, I thought Neric sees beyond concrete roads, he is aware that “what does a concreted road mean to someone with an empty stomach?” If you are a politician, you give people concrete roads, if you are statesman, you make sure that the one passing through that road is not starving by helping them put something into their stomach. Neric was of the latter breed. But because of their rarity, we forgot that they exist. This is not how we show our appreciation for them. Let alone file cases against them.

  • To Fr. Jun Balansag

    Fr. Jun I know your motive in filing charges with Neric Acosta. Like Fr. Willy Torayno who is also your fellow principal complainant. You cannot deny the fact that Zubiri and Acosta are political enemies. Second you cannot deny the fact that your sister is the wife of Malaybalay Mayor Inake ‘masyadong malaki” Zubiri.

    It is also a fact that your brother is the Mayor of Lantapan and a political kingkoy of Gov. Joe Zubiri.

    In exchange for money…….. come on father…… is your case is already dismissed?

  • I am Jean Dumaplin, from Talakag, Bukidnon…
    I just want to react on the actions of Frs. Balansag and Torayno against former Cong. Neric and Mayor Coring.

    I really wonder why Frs. Balansag and Torayno filed a case against Neric Acosta and Mayor Coring… Grameen Banking is a novel and a very effective way of eradicating poverty.
    This is being done by goverment and the private sector in various parts of the country..

    They succeeded in Bangladesh! Its founder Muhammad Yunus(I’ve heard that he is also Neric’s mentor) of Bangladesh even received the Nobel Peace Prize for this…

    I don’t think there is a question on legality and morality of grameen banking… What is highly and obviously immoral is when priests, use the power of cassocks and the pulpit to destroy the reputation of another human being…For your info, Frs. Balansag and Torayno, this is what you call public-private sector partnership.. Hindi niyo ba alam iyan?? Are you idiots or plainly stupid??…

    Am really sorry for my words and I beg for God’s forgiveness but my heart goes to the Acostas, a very decent and principled family who you pathetically maligned..

    It is just unfortunate that Neric and his Mom were subjected to an “obviously lame” criminal suit for pioneering the new wave of grassroots development and poverty alleviation in Bukidnon.

    It is quite tragic that this lame case “seems to be” pushed by a narrow and backward mindset.

    What you did Frs. Balansag and Torayno are anti-people empowerment, anti-sustainable development and condones trapo and patronage politics…

    May God forgive you, for what you did will echo in eternity…..

  • Fr. Balansag:

    So how has your Bukidnon Crusade Against Corruption been doing? How big and active a movement are you, and how many cases to date have you filed against politicians? What is the BCAG office no. and address?

    FYI– Binhi which was initiated by former Congw Coring Acosta (and initially bankrolled by Dr. Juan Acosta) almost 20 years ago has grown into a mass-based organization and has enjoyed loan funds from development agencies and partners such as CIDA, Grameen Trust, ACPC-DA/Dutch Rural Assistance Program, Presidental Managementt Fund, DBP, DOLE, DTI, DENR and some private individuals.

    Despite the political onslaught it has suffered, Binhi is surviving and thriving (yes even without PDAF and an Acosta in power). This year Dr. Juan Acosta (2004 Ten Outstanding Filipino awardee), Ma’am Coring, Neric + a other family members have infused personal funds to jumpstart the rehabilitation and reorganization of Binhi. Binhi’s ongoing rehabilitation is particularly supported by the Center for Rural Development, the country’s leading microfinance institution and a 2008 Ramon Magsaysay awardee.

    Too bad you don’t seem to get the point on the ‘ampao’ case you filed against the Acostas and you allowed yourself to be misled and used by trapos to wage your ‘noble crusade’.

    May araw din ang mga pathetic unevolved trapos who are threatened by people/local leaders who think ahead of their time- those who espouse & implement the value of the proverb ‘Give a man a fish and he will consume for a day, teach him how to fish and you will feed him forever’.

  • It will be very difficult for Neric to win against Nonoy Joe in Bukidnon because the latter employs trapo tactics(3Gs) all the time…

  • Fr. Balansag…
    Will you allow yourslef to be played like a puppet for the rest of you lives. Or will you have your own say in the future of this country….. Fr. You were ordained as a priest to do one of the seven sacraments. CONFESSION or in another way forgiveness. Why cant you forgive cong acosta for such a small thing that he did which you turn into such a big deal. In the end if you look at it BINHI BULIG is something that helps the greater good and so far, you seem to think it was a criminal act.

    Blessed is he who considers the poor;
    The LORD will deliver him in time of trouble. The LORD will preserve him and keep him alive, And he will be blessed on the earth; You will not deliver him to the will of his enemies. (Psalms 41:1-2 NKJV)

    Father I’m sure you are familiar with the bible. Rep. Acosta has done well for the poor with binhi bulig, but he knows that he cannot get everything in life and that is why he is runnign for Senator he knows there is something better out there and something thats worth fighting for. One day he wil acheive his goal. becuase he has acheived the golden rule.
    much love
    Karl Patrick Gonzales

  • The Acosta’s have established a parallel power to that of the Zubiri’s without passing through the traditional route of traditional and dirty politics. This power, which was the natural consequence of doing the “GOLDEN RULE” has threatened the Zubiri’s no end. With a growing number of masses availing loans at negligible interests, you have a social strata that becomes a reliable political power. It is shown how this power works with the election of Neric to congress for three terms without support from trapo mayors except that of his own mother. If you are someone named Joe Zubiri, this is indeed alarming since the Acostas have show that they can defy political logic. So you need to destroy that political power which made the Acostas a forminable force in Bukidnon politics. This at the expense of the hapless destitutes who enjoyed Grameen style of loans prior to the filing of this insensitive act on the part of Balansag et al.

  • fellahs, T.S. Eliot used to say, “The greatest treason is when you do the right thing for the wrong reason”. Grammeen Banking may be the right thing to do in a place very much akin to Bangladesh in terms of poverty. The wrong reason is the guy wanted to win an election at the expense of the people’s money. Had he used his own money, that would have been fine. No corruption. That is the gist of the anti-graft and corrupt practices act. But
    PDAF is government’s money, used in the families’ lending business. The case filed against him et al can no longer be withdrawn. it has life of its own. The mayor of lantapan is not my brother, as one here in the forum alleged. He is a distant relative from Cebu; we are not even closed.
    In procedural law, when you want to discredit a witness, you destroy his credibility. I know that because I study canon law. But the documents we gathered speak for the truth itself without us intervening. I am as surprised as anybody that the case reached the Sandigang bayan already.

  • Immanuel Kant also implied (categorical imperative) that greater treachery would be to “do the wrong thing for the right reason”. Neric’s intention, his means and his end are both good, so Elliot’s adage cannot be used against Neric’s actions.
    Now, how does that differ from someone building concrete roads with his picture on it, as if claiming that the money used for it came from his own pocket? We see nothing wrong with that practice. Isn’t it gov’t money too, used to indirectly solicit support, to improve the individual’s political stock and gain for him publicity mileage? The political support for the Acostas is not asked; it is unsolicited. It is included in the universal law of efforts and rewards. If people supports them because they have initiated a good program, why begrudge them of this political support?

  • This Haleem Bana is so smart and very philosophical. Are you a lawyer or philosopher Mr Bana? I agree with his insights. I am NGO worker who helps some micorcredit programs in Davao and have heard Neric in some forums. He is a very good lecturer.

    From what I know the case against the Acostas is very political; Balansag is an in-law of the Zubiris. These priests are not exactly models of virtue. If they are serious with their so-called crusade, why no noise whatsoever agaisnt all the corrupt deals of a major trapo like Zubiri, who was a crony of Marcos sugar cronies? Why single out the Acostas? Also, Neric was very outspoken critic and endorser of the impeachment against GMA; he also joined Senator Salonga and other civil society leaders in the impeachment move against Ombudsman Gutierrez who is very close to GMA and FG. If Neric were pro-administration, do you think this case would go so far? We are talking of a 5million microcredit livelihood fund here that is with women beneficiaries in the baranays. C’mon, Jocjoc Bolante who was the center of the 800 million fertilizer scam is now candidate of Governor for Capiz, untouched and scot-free because as USEC of Dept of Agric he helped raise those funds for the admin in the 2004 elections.

    Fr Balansag talks about PDAF for poltical mileage, what does he say about all politicians, including GMA, who claim infrastructure projects (people’s money also) as their own “special projects” … to reinforce patronage and get votes? Grameen Banking is an alternative venue for communities to grow and build capacity. The Acostas initiated this whole process like Fr. Barcelon of Xavier University who I know helped Neric and Mrs Acosta in the early days of Binhi, when Neric was not in politics yet; it is sad Balansag refuses to see this and insists it a ‘family lending business” of the Acostas .. If it was just a family business, why is 2008 MagsaysayAwardee Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) a main partner now of Binhi? I know that the CARD is the leading microfinance institution of MEPinoy, an initiatve of President Cory Aquino. The Acostas are not in public office now, but they continue with the advocacies on microfinance.

    Maybe Balansag just cannot see through his hatred. He is clearly a ‘tuta’ of those who just don’t want alterative politics to threaten their greed and grip on power. How sad for a man of the cloth. Reminds us of the Scribes and Pharisees in the bible.

  • just to update everyone re acosta case: the sandigang bayan has already issued warrants of arrest to the respondents. All of them have posted bail. Sandigang Bayan has apparently more faith in the crusade we have been waging in Bukidnon than some scribes here like Mr. Bong Bustos. Our crusade continues to run after crooks in the government, even in the present administration. That’s our vision.

  • @Fr. Jun – Thank you very much for always keeping us updated. I hope it’s all right with you that I approved all of the comments pertaining this issue here. Rest assured though that once they become unruly or downright rude, I’ll delete them right away. Can I get a copy of the Sandiganbayan resolution somewhere?

  • Thank you Bong, i’m not a lawyer or a philosopher, but when you’re speaking for the truth, even a child can put brilliant lawyers and philosophers to shame. Neric’s impending arrest reminds me of Jesus’ (peace be upon him) own problems with the law. After he ran afoul with the powerful, he has to suffer the consequences. Good job Fr. Balansag, the only “crooks” in your eyes are the ones named “A”. Look also at letter “Z” , just because it is at the tailend of the alphabet doesn’t mean that it has nothing to do with letter “C”.

  • Mr. Bana, the Acostas filed a motion to quash before the Sandigang Bayan last Monday. If the motion is granted, then that would be it. I will rest my case. Note that this is the people of the Philippines vs the Acostas. My job as head of the crusade was ministerial. Anybody who will bring solid evidence of corruption, even against the Zubiris, is welcome to come forward. This is the only pork barrel related case that has reached Sandigang Bayan. I rallied in Kibawe against then Congressman Migz Zubiri’s GMO-BT corn project. I stood in front of trucks in Maramag, Aglayan, Kalasungay just to stop the use of Sayre Highway for the transportation of illegal logging from Lanao del Sur. The trucks were mostly owned by former governor Totoy Fortich whom I defied over Radio Ukay. I had death threats for breakfast, lunch and supper.
    I am sinful person like anybody here, except you perhaps. But corruption is not one of them. You should research more about my family if we were tainted with corruption. My father, the former BIR collection agent of Maramag, died a poor man, because he refused to accede to corruption. A few of the virtues he taught us were honesty and transparency.
    I don’t care if Bukidnon is run by the Acostas or the Zubiris. I just hope that our politicians would serve their constituents honestly. You are may be the most articulate leader in Bukidnon, but if you could not deliver the roof of a gym, or finish a road, or deliver on your promise, then you are inept and do not deserve my vote even as a sitio leader.

  • Fr. Balansag do you have ay idea why Cong. Neric couldnt finish some of his projects. After he rallied against Pres. GMA he was stripped of his chairmanship and no longer had pork barell. That means that they not only cheated on Neric Acosta but on the people of 1st District of Bukidnon. Mabye if you are “fighting corruption” you should fight the corruption that is happening with the President”. Good luck Fr. Balansag….. I know you’re doing this for the greater good.

  • Father Jun please dont take it personally; Im not throwing anything in your direction and Im so sorry if the wordings ive used has led you to that impression. I regard myself as the worst of the worst; that is why the best i can do as a way of making up for my wretchedness is to defend those i thought are far better than me. Unfortunately I considered the Acostas as far better than this wretched brother of yours. They are not saints; but they are the type of people upon whom you can vouch to do their business aboveboard. I believed in your crusade; youre just barking the wrong tree.

  • Karl Patrick, you are using your idol’s line of reasoning. While it may be true that his pork barrel had been turned off later, the evidence we gather should speak for itself. More than 40% of SOPs would have adverse effects on any government projects, like gyms, roads, and schools.

  • Mr. Bana, I am pretty sure that the tree we have been barking is where one of the crocodiles hides. There are bigger crocodiles hiding in other trees like Malacanang. But we leave it to other Manila-based crusaders to address this issue.
    If you got evidence of corruption in the Provincial Capitol, come forward and our lawyers will study if there are probable cause to file a case.

  • father jun, if you do sincerely believed that you have your man in neric et al, then go ahead. It is not my job to go after capitol, it is yours. Take the “Philhealth” issue as a start.

  • We are hungry for a senator who who have a heart for teachers especially for PRIVATE SCHOOL TEACHERS! As a teacher what can you offer us? We cannot deny the fact that we, private teachers, produce better students but we are the most underpaid. The minimum monthly salary of a newly hired teacher ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 ( Pangasinan ). Please help us.. If you can offer  good plans for us, we will campaign for you for free here in our province.

  • fr. jun-

    please read and absorb bong bustos’ 2nd paragraph (re his nov8 comments) because it seems you refuse to consider his valid points. hello! do you really think the ombudsman or sandiganbayan is a strong independent institution totally partial and immune from politics? the supreme court is even referred to as an arroyo court. pls look at this issue from the larger context of how ‘gloria magtatagal garapal-arroyo’ has broken/ prostituted our institutions including our justice system.

    and why not share with us here a brief report/update about your crusade and its accomplishments? who are your current co-crusaders and how many cases have you already filed against local politicians? and why aren’t you going after the biggest most-feared crook in province, the supertrapo tyrant governor?

  • hi rico, as I said, where are your evidences and we study them. We don’t entertain hearsays. Beyond our competence.

  • Fr. Balansag, Come on! I am not for the Acostas because I also saw how corrupt they are. But for the Zubiris, you are looking for evidences and will study them? Open your eyes ! Seek and you will find ! Also let’s take the case of immorality, you know what I mean…..These are not hearsays, they were public knowledge and facts. Where are the evidences? You can fine them easily ! Do not be afraid for God is with you!

  • There is a Latin adage that goes “The victor is always right!”. I guess there is wisdom behind those words. It implies that the vanquished are wrong, perhaps not always right, but for a time being. The issue on corruption is something the electorates are angry at. So I don’t understand why some politicians would claim themselves to be champions of good governance, when fact shows they are not. Another Latin adage: “vox populi vox dei” (the voice of the people is the voice of God). My simple analysis of this is that we just vow to the voice of the people, and stop the sourgraping and crying over spilt milk. Better luck next time na lang.

  • the poet james whitcomb-riley once said “when it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then its a duck”. So if someone “walks like someone who hates corruption and quacks against corruption, then he is someone who is against corruption,”.The only reason why Neric walks, swims and quacks like someone who hates corrupt politicians, its because he is not.

  • @father jun, remember the germans were almost unanimous in the idea of exterminating the jews. The voice of the people at times cannot be relied upon as an indicator of what is right and wrong, especially if they are misinformed……@robert ledesma: i think its not correct to level a sweeping accusations at the Acostas just to appear objective and unbiased in castigating the Zubiris….

  • where can you find in the bible or catholic church teachings- vox populi, vox dei-the voice of the people is the voice of God? if that would be the case we should have elected our parish priest or bishops? just to make sure that they have been chosen by GOD through the people? But they are not elected by the people but appointed by the hierarchy of the church ! also the teachings of the church did not go through the referendum to determine the people’s confirmation on these teachings but rather they were ” imposed” by the church(e.g. church positions on abortion, gay marriages, ordination of women priests, environment, married priests, etc.) Why is the church rather not consult the ” voice of the people” on these issues, since the people’s voice is the “voice of God”?

  • For more updates on former nereus Acosta’s case before the Sandigang Bayan, pls go to “biyaheng totoo Bukidnon” sa GMA News TV.

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