Did you receive that nasty text message versus Dolphy? Adel Tamano has an answer to that

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Nacionalista Party senatorial bet Adel Tamano defends Dolphy’s endorsement of NP standard bearer Manny Villar. Tamano says accusations are baseless and insulting

Nacionalista Party senatorial bet and spokesperson Atty. Adel Tamano defended Comedy King Dolphy’s move to endorse NP standard bearer Manny Villar. This, after text messages accusing the popular actor of accepting a P30 Million bribe from Villar’s camp started to circulate yesterday.

adel tamano sinulog festival 2010

“That accusation is baseless and a big insult to Dolphy,” Tamano underscored.

“Let us not forget that the Comedy King is an institution, a legend, a man of conviction. He won’t put his name on the line if he doesn’t believe in the person. He believes and trusts Sen. Manny Villar,” Tamano added.

The text message also accused Dolphy of “hanging on to Satan” and even hit the actor for having “20 children” who are all “drug addicts” and “gay.”

“Criticisms like these really come out during the campaign period. It only goes to show how desperate Sen. Manny Villar’s detractors are and the great lengths that they are willing to take just to destroy a person’s name and reputation. It’s sad, really. Why can’t we just consider track record?,” Tamano said.

The senatorial candidate and former president of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila also stressed that this is the first time ever that the Comedy King has publicly endorsed a political candidate.

“Sen. Manny Villar and Dolphy both come from the same district in Tondo. They were both poor but because of sheer hard work and patience, they both succeeded in their chosen careers. That’s what people should remember,” Tamano said.

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  • hahaha murag tinuod jud na, mao bya ng hawa sya sa kapamilya kay gusto sya og work, so imposible nga wala na sya g bayran ni C5 road…

  • Impossible that he did not receive something from Manny Villar. Now, we are getting to know who Villar is- He will used people to advance his personal interest, even having a womanizer such as Dolphy to endorsed his candidacy ! And pay huge amount coming from C-5 scandal !

    • @rolly – But is it fair to drag Dolphy’s personal life into this? Isn’t there even the remotest of possibilities that Dolphy’s sincere and that he’s doing this (endorsing Villar) because he believes in the guy?

  • @bukidnon on line

    come on…It’s all about money for Dolphy’s endorsement of Villar nothing more, nothing less. He should have endorsed Erap, as they are from the movie industry and friends. Yah, Dolphy believes in Villar, his money!

  • there will always be something in exchange of what he did for villar, wether its monetary or not. most important thing is to respect their decisions. anyways, it will always be up to us because the votes are counted through our own little ways. Just pick your candidate and dont mind the endorsements

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