Did a Duterte supporter vandalize Mt. Capistrano?

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Did a supporter deface one of the rocks at Mt. Capistrano? One of the big boulder rocks at Mt. Capistrano, a small mountain in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, got spray painted with a “Vote Doterte Pagbabago” (sic) statement.

Doterte or Duterte pertains to Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Facebook user Jesse Pepito posted a public message for the “die hard supporter of Duterte”: “Please respect the nature specially our very own Mt. Capistrano, last time nag saka ko dinha wala pa nga vandal then what happened now?!…we totally get your point that you are a die hard supporter of DUTERTE (not DOTERTE) but please that’s too much already!”

As of March 5, 11 PM, Pepito’s post has garnered 49 shares and 451 Facebook reactions including the “angry” and “sad” emojis.

Mount Capistrano is 609 meters high. A trail towards the peak can be accessed via Sitio Binalbagan, Simaya.

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  • Facebook post by Jesse Pepito

In the Philippines, there is an anti-vandalism law. Those guilty of the offense can be mandated to do community service plus pay fines of at least Php 5,000.

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One thought on “Did a Duterte supporter vandalize Mt. Capistrano?

  • In relation to the upcoming senatorial races I have a suggestion. You are entitled to vote for 12 candidates; but if you want 1 or several candidates to win, it makes no sense to vote for 12 because every vote for say Candidate XYX may be the 1 vote that selects that person over 1 you want, so only vote for the ones you really want to win.

    Then, even though I no longer live in Malaybalay I would suggest people only vote for candidates from Mindanao because if a few more senators are from Mindanao maybe some infrastructure improvements might find their way south. So far I only know of 2 candidates running from Mindanao and they are Pacquiao & Zubiri. Personally I have no respect for Zubiri after the way he stole a senate seat once before and it remains to be seen if Pacquiao will take his job more seriously once he has retired from boxing. He HAS proven to be a guy who accomplishes things even if he has to pay for it himself.

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