Ereccion del Pueblo at the Malaybalay City plaza now open to the public

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MALAYBALAY CITY | TOURISM – For months, a big section of the Malaybalay City Plaza Rizal was closed to the public. Remember that area where the mini stage once stood? That’s now kaput. These days, a new historical monument can be found there. It’s called the Ereccion del Pueblo.

Malaybalay City’s Ereccion del Pueblo is now open to the public.

And as much as I want to take photos of this new Malaybalay City tourist spot, I can’t seem to find the right timing. As expected, a lot – and I mean A LOT – of people always crowd this new tourist spot. People of all ages have their pictures taken with the ultra golden statues there.

Anyways, hopefully I can take good photos of this historical monument.

By the way, according to this, the City Government of Malaybalay allocated P825,000.00 for the consultancy services of the person in-charge of the design of the Ereccion del Pueblo. I have no word yet as to how much the city government paid for the actual construction.

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  • are they nuts???!! ok, i admit that our city needs something for tourism but c’mon, there are still streets that needs to be repaired…there are even barangays that has no concrete/paved streets at all…so why the heck would they spend that much money on a statue…they cant even repair the dilapidated plaza! it’s a waste of money, i say. if they (our local government) would like to improve our city, they should first look into bigger things than making statues! for instance, they should be making sure that our city is crime-free. too many robbings and killings are happening now and i dont see that they’re making an action to that. if tourists wants to visit our place, it is bcoz they know that nothing bad will happen to them…they will feel safe and they might decide to live here.

    • kailangan mg bawa ni mayor nang employees ksi mas marami pa ang empleyado sa city kesa province.and this is the best thing to do…and and ma lay off of corz those employees na dili deserving and traydor…mao ni ang politics…so we to accept the reality…thanks mayor zubiri…goodluck and more power i know one of these days imo ni answer all reklamos….

  • The ereccion of this “Pueblo” landmark did not undergo the “consensus” and customary process of “Pasayud-sayuda, Buntula, Dauwa daw Pauyun-uyana” ha batasan of the custodians of “Sakub” where the city got its name Malaybalay and descendants of Apu Datu Mampaalung (“bulawan sa hiregaan din”) gold shall be his resting place, consequently violated the Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) as legal mandate of R.A. 8371 otherwise known as Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997. As advocate and defender of indigenous peoples rights we call the attention of LGU city of Malaybalay to observed and comply such requirement to the indigenous peoples of Malaybalay as native title bearer.

    Anilaw Inlantong
    Defender of Indigenous Peoples

  • Help!
    I’m looking for an info about the story behind the monument. I want to use it as an example of our community’s folklore for our class.

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