Help us plan Kaamulan Festival 2010!

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PROVINCE OF BUKIDNONKaamulan 2009 was considered a success but I personally know that a lot of you out there have ideas and suggestions that may make Kaamulan Festival 2010 a bigger success! So here’s your chance to let the organizers know what you want to see in next year’s Kaamulan Festival and how you want the festival to be conducted.


What type of events do you want to see? WHO do you want to see? Do you have any suggestions that you want to share? Do you want to volunteer? Do you want to offer your services and products? Feel free to leave a comment and let the organizers know! (Just please keep all comments reasonable and clean)

Now should you want to discuss matters in private, please feel free to CONTACT US and let’s discuss!

The Kaamulan Festival is the biggest annual gathering in the Province of Bukidnon. It is the gathering of Bukidnon’s 7 hill tribes. Learn more about the Kaamulan HERE.

During the Kaamulan 2009 festivities, Department of Tourism Secretary Ace Durano dubbed the festival as the “only authentic ethnic festival in the Philippines.”

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  • please furnish me your email address where i can send my personal suggestions and comments about kaamulan


  • @cesar – Please read the blog post. Click on those GREEN links (i.e. “Contact Us” etc) — you will then be redirected to a page where you can write us in confidence. Thanks!

  • Hi there. I’m agreeing with Ike. You see, Malaybalay Kids (also from outside Malaybalay, of course) nowadays have much knowledge about street arts. That includes Graffiti and Chalk Art. Also, street break dancing and street skateboarding. We know it requires a lot of time organizing such activity. It need not to accompany all the events I mentioned but it would be so fascinating and encouraging to include at least Graffiti and Chalk Art on the activity for kids and new artists. You can click this link so you’ll picture out what I’m suggesting:

    …Have a good day!

  • pwede man siguru magbinisaya diri? hehe
    I’m one of the youth of malaybalay city and we want Itchyworms and Kamikazee back!! Thank you!

    How about street art making contest???

  • hi! I wish I could see again the kaamulan festival. Just wanna know kung when ang specific date sa 2010.
    Nasa layo man gud ko! lol…
    just planning ahead of time para bongga ang pagpanan aw sa kaamulan. Its been soooooooooo long since I last saw it.

  • I had to do some tricky rearranging of my vacation schedule early this year to see this festival especially the dancing. We were too late to get seats but we thought we had a pretty good place to catch the show. We waited for hours in intense heat and sun and we were excited to finally see the floats roll in. We were enjoying the show until people from behind us started pushing and shoving. There was poor crowd control and we thought we would be overrun so we left without having seen all the tribes perform. I wanted to get videos and still shots for my daughter who was taking anthropology classes.

    maybe more viewing seats would be helpful for next year’s festival. I was told later that the dancing was better viewed as they marched during the parade but one would miss the skits and tableaus. The floats were ingenious and creative but there were fewer true tribal dancers that I could see.

    Since I didn’t get enough picture and we were in fact shoved too far away to get good ones, is there a website where festival pictures are posted? So far, all I’ve seen are text descriptions but no pictures.

  • hope to see an art exhibit display in kaamulan ground..
    waway..sultan..nd balugto perform during the xhibit..
    mas nindot if naa mo tribal concert night dha before mgkaamulan…
    well am planning to watch 2010 kaamulan there its been 4 yrs later since mgkaamulan q dra..
    kep up da good work guyzz

  • hi! we’d been planning to visit malaybalay next year hopefully everything is ok…and then maybe more viewed seats thats help us a lot coz its hard to see coz people inn and out so hopefully we see more dancers see you….


  • I hope the Kaamulan organizers will do something for the safety and security of the people during the Kaamulan Festival. I would not consider Kaamulan 2009 as a success because of the killings that happened during the the festival. Are the killers apprehended? What happened to the family of the victims; is justice given to them? If Kaamulan organizers can not guarantee the safety and security, better not to have a Kaamulan? !!#@

  • ahm daun naa pud unta free concert xa mga hardcore band xa capitol ground…labaw natong idol naku nga tears of jerico paytz au na band

  • uhm…i suggest na naa Bboying/Bgirling contests in the place para nmn mkabalo ang peolpe from
    Malaybalay what is really Breakdancing. Bboys and Bgirls from Mindanao will create their own routine. pwede by group or individual pro mas tsada if separate ang duha. gets??? of course hiphop dance contest. i suggest na magscreening ug ayu pra sad mka witness ang malaybalay what’s the “REAL HIP HOP THING.” yah!!! hehehehe…. and sana wala nang gulo….

    and after sa contest, naa workshop pra bibo diba??? pra sad ganahan ang nga youth sa mlybly and one thing, dghan dancers sa mlybly…so maybe it’s a good start for them. hehehe

    sana s kaamulan darating ang Philippine All Stars at Xtatic.. sila din amg magigina judge for the contest…

    i’m very glad na tag mlybly proud of you mlybly!!!!

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