How is it to fight against a Goliath?

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COMMENTARY | BUKIDNON | OPINION | PERSONALITIES | POLITICS – “How is it to fight against a Goliath?”

This was‘s question to Malaybalay City mayoralty hopeful Provo “Jun” Antipasado. Antipasado, a former long-time Malaybalay City Councilor and currently a chairman of one of this city’s barangays, is one of the three mayoralty candidates for the upcoming 2010 elections. He will run under the banner of the Nacionalista Party.

Antipasado will face two other candidates – incumbent Barangay Aglayan chairman Glorio Sajulga (Liberal Party) and incumbent Malaybalay City Vice Mayor Ignacio Zubiri (LAKAS CMD KAMPI).

During the recent Bukidnon visit of lawyer and senatorial candidate Adel Tamano, Bukidnon Online had the chance to chat with Sir Jun and ask him the million-dollar question: “What made him decide to run and fight against a Goliath?”

Of course, we all know that the “Goliath” here is the incumbent vice mayor, whom a lot of people are calling a “shoo-in” to the mayoralty position.

But is Zubiri really a “shoo-in” or do the likes of Antipasado and Sajulga have what it takes to put up an interesting fight at the polls come May 2010?

“I just do what I have to do. I focus on my strengths and I constantly pray to God for guidance,” Antipasado told Bukidnon Online.

Antipasado says that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and in the Lord Almighty.

“Modesty aside, I know I have a lot of supporters. I feel that I have proven myself in the many years that I’ve been in the public eye,” he said.

“Right now, however, we can’t go full blast yet because the campaign season hasn’t begun,” he added.

Antipasado likened the elections to a basketball game. These days, he said, the players have already been introduced and the ball has been tossed. In the next few weeks, it will be “dribbling” time and before we know it, the ball will be passed to and fro teammates and the goal is to achieve as many points as possible.

“You must not be too complacent,” Antipasado insisted.

“You might think you’re on the winning side but voters are wiser these days. They know when it’s all just for show or when you’re really sincere in serving them. They remember what you said to them before, they remember how you treated them when they approached you and asked for your help. They remember all those and that helps them decide whom to vote,” he said.

So does he have the resources to put up a strong fight in next year’s elections?

“Honestly, at this point, none yet. I rely on friends, supporters, family and on my belief that I have a good track record in public service,” he said.

When Bukidnon Online asked Antipasado as to why he didn’t have a vice mayoralty candidate, he admitted that he was counting on incumbent Malaybalay City Mayor Florencio Flores, Jr. to run alongside him. As it turned out, however, Flores opted to run for Bukidnon 2nd District Congressman under the LAKAS CMD KAMPI party.


Do you think Antipasado has what it takes to win?


Malaybalay City mayoralty candidate Provo “Jun” Antipasado with Nacionalista Party senatorial candidate Atty. Adel Tamano (in white) and public market vendors

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  • well, if the voters of malaybalay prefers a candidate who grew up in their hometown, displaying a dedicated family man and who has a good track record in public service to lead them, i believe Sir Jun Antipasado has the cutting edge. He is the man to be trusted to handle the cudgels of the city government rather than giving it to person/s who can easily be swayed under the influence of “vino de pataranta”.

  • My favorite spot at the bishop’s house is the “top deck” where I played billard with fellow priests, overlooking the residence of J. Antipasado. Over the years that house of him has improved: bigger buildings, a few new SUVs, steel gates. Without passing any value judgement, I am sometimes surprised which is truer indeed: a selfless public servant or a cunning Machiavelli on the loose.

    • steel gates? don’t we all need them for security, especially now that malaybalay has been made not safe anymore? you don’t need a lot of money to want to build them and you will spend all you have to protect your family. from your most coveted top deck sir, i hope you have also seen and mentioned just how many new buildings were built for there was only one and just who goes inside that new structure for it does not even belong to mr. antipasado. i also hope you have posted photos of the supposedly new SUVs and would like to see you try describe those 2 old vehicles as new.

  • @ fr balansag

    huh ! please! your comments on local politics are not very credible because of your very obvious alliance with the Zubiris !

    Can I say similar thing with some of our priests?- Without passing any value on judgment, I am sometimes surprised which is truer indeed: a selfless servant of God or a cunning Machiavelli on the loose.

  • hi pia, before u make such sweeping accusation, please to ur research first. If u got one, I will help u prosecute any of the zubiris. They are not perfect, but corruption, I am sure, corruption is not one of them.

  • everyone pls read …..mathew 7… am not a priest, just a regular citizen……..if you know a politician who steals, well prosecute him/her….if you can’t, S T H U….. it’s up to you to figure this out…..

  • To say that Antipasado is fighting against Goliath appears to be tendentious. It assumes that Antipasado is David, the good guy and the rest of the candidates are Goliaths, the bad guys. As I notice, Antipasado is not even poor, or young, how can he be David?

  • @ jun balansag

    you don’t have to be poor or young to be identified as David. You know it very well that all of us in Bukidnon are Davids compared to the Zubiris, the Goliaths. Zubiris are Goliaths because of their power, money, guns, goons!

  • @ jun balansag

    It simply means that, we are all Davids compared to Zubiris- the Goliaths of corruption, power, lust, goons, guns, money ! You don’t have to be poor and young to be a David !

  • bka malabo na mata mo father…. patingin ka kaya sa opthalmologist bka kabilang bahay yon or your just imagining things… baka nag hallucinate kana sa kakalaro ng billiard….before you give information to the people of malaybalay,make sure that it is true, have some proofs.. LIARS GO TO HELL… you know that your a Priest… diba????

  • @ jun balansag

    no wonder u like d zubiri, maybe u have benifited what d zubiri’s stolen from d people of corz u r related to d wife of mr inaki zubiri… kumbaga nabahinan pod ka sir…kong tarung pa ka sir, laban unta ka sa taga malaybalay dli sa dayo sa malaybalay pero nabahinan man ka…manghilabot na lang ka ug lain tao…

  • Bka malabo na mata mo Father….. maybe your just imagining things… naghalucinate kana sa kakalaro ng billiard…. before you give information to the people of Malaybalay, make sure that its true,show proof. LIARS GO TO HELL.. RIGHT…Alam mo yan coz your a priest…

  • naku po mr. balansag… its obvious you are not a native from malaybalay. how much are you paid??? what is your definition of corruption? nako po, iba n pala ang standard mo. hahaha. mahiya n man tayo. What is your standard of corruption? It’s obvious man, can anyone dare to file a case against goliath? come on!

  • Revelations 21:8″But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in (W)the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the (X)second death.” God bless you MR. JUN. Psalms 34:13 “Then keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from telling lies!”

  • Hi Mr. Jun Balansag, thanks for blackmailing Mr. Jun Antipasado. I hope makatulog ka sa mga sinasabi mo. I hope you are telling us the truth, or if not you will be accountable to your words. Is it the truth or LIE? And you know the consequence of telling lies, right? Just guard your mouth. Please don’t malign God’s children. Actually you are not fighting Mr. Antipasado. God bless you!

  • @ Jun Balansag
    Have you been there in their house? Are you saying in behalf of God or as a priest? Are you passing judgement basing on what you see? God bless you then!

  • Thank you everyone for sharing your views. Let’s hope Fr. Jun comes back and answers some of your comments.

  • If I am not mistaken, this thread started last year. I just raised some questions, they were not value judgement. Meanwhile, the whole discussion is water under the bridge. I just thought we needed to ask questions. It was not even a black propaganda.

  • I just ran through this discussion re DAvid and Goliath again. I can still sense the election fever, the disinformation campaign, the lies mired in Filipino politics. In the end, according to Julius Ceasar, the victor is always right. I agree to that partially, not always are the victors right. But if they don’t mend their ways, people would express their opinions in the future election, and change those inept leaders. As far as I am concerned, Goliath lost the battle against David, not the other way around.

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