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How to get to Bukidnon

Here’s how to get to Bukidnon. If you want to visit Bukidnon soon, here are ways to reach Bukidnon. Here’s how to travel to Bukidnon.

The Province of Bukidnon, Philippines is a landlocked area. Hence, it is only accessible only by air and land. While there are several mini-airstrips around the province, these are owned by private firms. The only two nearest commercial airstrips are the Cagayan de Oro City airport in Lumbia and the Davao City International Airport in Lanang.

From Cagayan de Oro City:

* Public transportation: as soon as you arrive in Cagayan de Oro, take a taxi ride going to the Agora Bus Terminal. It’s around half an hour away from the airport. Most taxi drivers opt for the “pakyaw” or “contracted” scheme, since the airport is far from the city proper. Payment is usually P300.00 (around $7.00 US). There are some taxi drivers who may want you to share the ride with other passengers who are also bound for Agora. Payment for this “shared ride” is Php200.00 per passenger. There are also vans for hire and the fee is usually P500.00 (around $12.00 US). Now if you want to hire either the taxi/cab or van all the way towards Bukidnon, you can arrange for that as well. Most vans charge P1,500.00 (around $38.00 US) from the Cagayan de Oro City airport to Malaybalay City (Bukidnon’s capital) proper. Leave a comment below if you want to hire a van and Bukidnon Online will hook you up with a reliable rental van owner.

Now if you need a cheaper alternative, you may also not opt to take the taxis that employ the “pakyaw” scheme. What you do is leave the airport premises and wait for either a jeepney or a taxi that allows metered charges. These jeepneys usually come from Talakag, Bukidnon. The taxis that allow regular rates, meanwhile, are usually lined up along the road side.

bukidnon_map1Once you’re at the Agora Bus Terminal, look for the red Rural Transit (RTMI) buses bound for either VALENCIA or DAVAO. Bus fare from Cagayan de Oro to Malaybalay City is P135.00 (airconditioned bus). Bukidnon’s capital, Malaybalay City, is roughly two and a half hours away.

From Davao City:

* Public transportation: from the Davao City International Airport, take a cab going towards the Ecoland Integrated Bus Terminal. Travel is about half an hour so be prepared to pay at least P300.00 for the ride. At the terminal, look for the red Rural Transmit (RTMI) buses bound for CAGAYAN DE ORO. From Davao City to Malaybalay City, Bukidnon’s capital, it will take you roughly five hours via public transportation. Bus fare from Davao City to Malaybalay City is around P400.00 (airconditioned bus).

By sea:

You can ride passenger vessels such as Trans-Asia Shipping Lines. It has trips from Cebu City to Cagayan de Oro City and vice versa. There also are Manila to Cagayan de Oro trips. Check the Superferry website for routes and corresponding fares.

Transportation modes in the Province of Bukidnon:

* There are buses that ply along most of the major areas in the province.
* There are also large, double tire jeepneys that can take you from one municipality to another.
* Within the cities of Malaybalay and Valencia, multicabs and motorelas are the main methods of transportation.
* Within smaller municipalities, “habal-habal” or motorcycles are the main methods of transportation. Note, however, that these motorcycles usually carry heavy loads (three, four or even five people plus baggages, animals, baskets et al)
* While there are no taxi cabs that operate within the province of Bukidnon, you may chance upon some. These taxi cabs are usually contracted from Cagayan de Oro and just want to get some passengers while on their way back to the city.

If you have any inquiries or if you need help in traveling to Bukidnon, just leave a comment below and Bukidnon Online will be happy to help you.


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