Human spider fight or gagamboxing in Malitbog, Bukidnon

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Spider fighting (or pag-away sa damang) is popular among kids in the Philippines, especially those living in the rural areas. It’s a blood sport involving two spiders, usually kept in precious matchboxes, placed at the opposite sides of a stick and then allowed to fight.

But did you know that there’s now a “human version” of this? Don’t fret, though. It’s not as bloody as a fight between spiders – instead, the “gagamboxing” or “human spider fight” is meant for harmless fun.

Our friend Kyle of the popular Becoming Filipino page even tried it himself in – of all places – Malitbog, Bukidnon!


*Photo courtesy of Kyle (used with permission)

Last weekend, Kyle joined a “gagamboxing” event in the Municipality of Malitbog. It was supposedly one of the activities during the town fiesta.

It looked like fun to me but Kyle told me that it was a “sakit lawas” scenario afterwards 😀 I told him he was a “crazy a**” for doing this haha!

Watch the video below:

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