Is Central Mindanao University still safe?

BUKIDNON | OTHER BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON ONLINE | MARAMAG NEWS – Couldn’t help but ask. This, after a security guard of a Central Mindanao University dormitory was killed to death last Wednesday morning.

Actually, according to news reports, the CMU guard, identified as Rodolfo Barcelona, was stabbed multiple times until he died. Barcelona was stabbed at least 5 times in the neck and in the chest.

Authorities believe that the Central Mindanao University dormitory guard may have been killed by robbers who tried to enter the premises of the dorm (!!!). Authorities believe that the robbers may have stabbed the victim to death.

Can’t help but be shocked with what’s going on in Bukidnon. We haven’t heard of really good news as of late.

Geez. Help me out here, folks. Have you heard of any good news about Bukidnon or in Bukidnon lately?


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