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BUKIDNON TOURISM | KAAMULAN FESTIVAL – There’s only exactly 1 week to go before the soft opening of the Kaamulan Festival 2013. Things seem to be up and up these days – contingents to the Kaamulan Ethnic Street Dancing Competition have already begun practising along Fortich Street (the main thoroughfare in Malaybalay City, where majority of the 2013 Kaamulan Festival activities will be held), a lot of booths made of bamboo, nipa and other indigenous materials have now been put up at the Capitol Grounds (for the Kaamulan Food Fest, Bazaar, Garden Show) plus people have started to finalize their Kaamulan Festival tour itineraries.

Here on Bukidnon Online, we’re also cooking up a lot of stuff! With the help of many generous sponsors and supporters, Bukidnon Online will again be at the forefront. Of course, all of these will also not be possible without your help 🙂 So thank you to all of our loyal readers and subscribers all through these many years — Bukidnon Online is, without any doubt, the longest-standing Bukidnon blog!

To kick things off, Bukidnon news blog Bukidnon Online has placed – as background music – the iconic Kaamulan song by Pinikpikan. Every time you open this Bukidnon website, the song Kaamulan will be played 🙂 We will keep the Kaamulan song as our website background music until March 2, 2013. We hope that you all will feel the Kaamulan vibe whenever you visit our humble blog 🙂

Thank you and please keep on supporting this Bukidnon website just by sharing our website to all of your friends and by visiting us as often as you can. Daghang salamat!

You can also find the Bukidnon Kaamulan Festival 2013 schedule of events below.


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