Kalilangan Bukidnon marker, new tourist attraction

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There’s a new marker at the plaza of the Municipality of Kalilangan, Bukidnon. The new marker, which states “Kalilangan – More Fun,” is part of the ongoing transformation of the town plaza, parks and the Municipal Hall grounds. Since it got put up, lots of people, both tourists and locals alike, already had their photos taken here.

kalilangan bukidnon

Incidentally, the term “Kalilangan” comes from the Maranao native tongue which means “extreme happiness.” Hence, it truly is more fun in Kalilangan!

I must say – I’m really happy to see improvements like these in various municipalities. Tourism officers play huge roles not only in government but in the private and business communities as well. It’s just unfortunate that there aren’t any significant tourism developments in the province. If I may even say so, even the yearly Kaamulan Festival seems to be depreciating. Oh well.

Kudos to Kalilangan for this project.

kalilangan bukidnon

Photos borrowed from Jude Carreon, Kalilangan tourism officer

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