List of 58 erring contractors suspended by the DPWH

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Bukidnon Online received a copy of a provincial resolution alerting the Bukidnon Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) of the various contractors recently suspended by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).


These 58 erring contractors have reportedly been suspended from participating in construction projects for reportedly violating government procurement laws.

Among the 58 erring contractors suspended by the DPWH is the contractor of the ongoing Mangima Road and Repair project which has, for months now, caused inconvenience and delays in traffic at the Mangima section of Sayre Highway, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

DPWH Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane has reportedly requested other government agencies to also ban the same 58 erring contractors from participating in their own projects.

Here is the full list of the 58 contractors suspended by the DPWH for a period of one year:

1. A.C. Rivero Development Corp.
2. ADP construction and Supply
3. AFG Construction and Supply
4. Allencon Development Corp.
5. Annasor Construction and Trading
6. BMK Construction
7. Big Bertha Construction and Development
8. CBN Construction and supply
9. Chiara Construction
10. Cofe Jok Construction and Supply
11. Davao concrete products
12. E.M.L. Construction and Trading
13. F. Guerrea Construction
14. Good Fortune International Inc.
15. Henry S. Oaminal Construction and General Merchandise (contractor of the ongoing repair at Mangima Road section)
16. Hi-Tri Development corp.
17. IBC International Builders Corp.
18. J Cordon Construction and Supply
19. J. Lee Construction
20.J.M Morales Construction and Supply
21. J.S. Layson & Co., Inc.
22. Jhall Marketing & Services
23. JHJ Construction
24. LMG Construction
25. LSD Construction and Supply
26. Muana Development Corp.
27. Palmares General Merchandise
28. Patrila builders, Performance Builders and Developers Corp.
29. R.B. Uriarte Construction
30. R.G. Erillo Construction Inc.

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31. Roprim Construction
32. Shak Construction
33. Shen Construction
34. Topmost Development Marketing Corp.
35. TSD Builders Construction and Supply
36. Waterton Construction and Realty Development Corp.
37. Werr Corporation International
38. Welex Construction
39. A.D. Construction
40. ACES Trafcon Exponents, Inc.
41. ALRAF Construction and Enterprises
42. ARN Builders
43. B.E Construction
44. CVAP Construction
45. ECDA Construction
46.Gampik Construction and Development Inc.
47. IHZA Construction
48.J&S Cuadra Construction and Supply
49. JECEL Construction and Supply
50. JLA Construction and supplies
51. KIRSKAT Venture
52. MBD General Construction
53. NFH Construction and Supply
54. NVF Construction
55. Rockworld Industries
56. Unayan Builders Construction and Supply
57. Villa Veronica construction
58. VNKC Construction

These 58 firms reportedly violated R.A. 9184 and Dep’t Order 35, series of 2008, for coming up with several excuses to hinder the bidding and the completion of the projects, and what is more, the most popular excuse given was that the projects were not profitable, moreover, the other reasons were that the Approved Budget Cost (ABC) is much lower than the proposed projects, and still, some cited as reason traffic jam problems.

Oaminal Construction, according to DPWH, would have to finish the project but cannot get involved in any new bidding for a period of one year.

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