List of candidates for Talakag Bukidnon local positions

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BUKIDNON | BUKIDNON NEWS | POLITICS | BUKIDNON UPDATES | TALAKAG NEWS – Thanks to Talbuks Cafe, Bukidnon Online now has a list of the candidates that are running for the various local positions in the Municipality of Talakag, Bukidnon. These candidates will run in the May 2010 national elections.

Check out this list of names of candidates seeking electoral positions come May 2010:


Macapayag, Nestor – Mayor
Sulatan, Renato – Vice Mayor
Gayonan, Susan – Sangguniang Bayan (SB)
Pacuno, Abdon – SB
Lladas, Raul – SB
Sansanan, Rosenio – SB
Samontao, Morillo – SB
Seno, Wilfredo – SB
Factura, Vergito – SB
Monje, Angelo – SB


Noble, Amado Sr – Vice Mayor
Noble, Amado Jr – SB
Haguingan, Fidel – SB
Janao, Pedro Jr – SB
Ciervo, Daniel Fabian – SB
Borreta, Eugenio – SB
Ngaso, Felizardo – SB
Sabang, Yolanda – SB
Mapano, Rey – SB

Liberal Party

Santiago, Timoteo – SB
Bigcas, Alberto – SB
Madrigal, Lito – SB


Romulo, Rodrigo – Mayor
Tinoy, Rodney – Mayor
Lanado, Emeterio Jr – SB
Taqueban, Carlos – SB
Gozo,Eleazar – SB
Tianzon, Romeo – SB
Mapano, Freniel – SB
Palangga, Thomas – SB

Again, thanks to Miss Marilou of Talbuks Cafe! If you want to use the list above, please don’t forget to acknowledge Talbuks Cafe!


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One thought on “List of candidates for Talakag Bukidnon local positions

  • Thanks for posting this and I’m glad to know the people who have shown their desire to serve our town. Yeah, everyone has the right to run in an election but I hope these people know that it’s not a matter of filing (COC) and winning in an election. It’s a matter of how they will impact their governance to change the lives of their constituents. My dear leaders (to be), I hope you will put into your mind before taking your seat in the LGU the agenda that you could bring… programs that could help alleviate the way of living of the community people… addressing their needs… helping our them develop the community-based available resources is much more realistic toward sustainable development…

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