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CONTROVERSIAL | BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY CITY NEWS | POLITICS | GOVERNMENT – There’s something brewing over at the City Government of Malaybalay…or so the several sources of say. Allegedly, former Malaybalay City Vice Mayor and now City Mayor Ignacio “Inaki” Zubiri is mass firing job order City Hall employees. According to sources, the new Malaybalay mayor’s decision to let go of job order employees has created “tension, worry and sadness” over at the City Hall.

The City Health Office, as of today, has lost 25 employees. More employees in other city government offices lost their jobs as well. Even job order employees over at Patrol 117 / Emergency Unit were not spared. More layoffs will be done in the next few weeks.

I have yet to ask Mayor Zubiri about this. Was his decision to mass fire job order employees prompted by alleged poor fiscal management over at the city hall? Or was it just his way of “marking the territory” i.e. letting everyone know that he’s now the one in-charge and that he’s now the new boss?

Let’s hope the new Malaybalay mayor responds.

First off, let me just emphasize that Mayor Zubiri has every prerogative to do this. After all, he won the election. That means that the people already gave him the mandate to do what he thinks would be best for the city and for its people.

On one hand, though, if Zubiri’s reason behind these massive layoffs is solid and justified (e.g. the “kaban ng bayan” is cash-strapped and therefore there’s need “na maghigpit ng sinturon”) then his move is understandable. After all, how many complaints have we heard that there are job order employees who got hired merely because they’re “lakas” or “duol sa luwag”? How many people have complained about job order employees who allegedly merely watch TV during work hours, who hardly reports for work on time or don’t really exert extra effort at work because there’s redundancy in tasks/duties? And exactly how many people have expressed their dismay over the huge sum of money given out as “bonus” to these J.O.s?

If Mayor Zubiri thinks that letting go of job order employees would encourage productivity, competitiveness and more results from casual and regular employees, then so be it. More results but lesser expenditures sounds good to me.

However, if the move to mass fire people is for some “political” reason (and we all know what this is) or some sort of strategy to give way to Mayor Zubiri’s “trusted friends” or chosen ones to come and work at the city hall, then that’s something Malaybalay residents must be wary of. To fire someone and let someone else take his/her place yet the latter remains unproductive or isn’t even qualified for the job does not sound good at all.

We all need a city hall that has hardworking, qualified, respectful, tactful, resourceful and results-driven employees.

It is but a must.

If letting go of a lot of Malaybalay City job order employees would mean a better, pumped up, strapped up city hall then perhaps it’s a change that we all should accept. However, that doesn’t mean that it stops citizens like us from being wary observers or for the city government to slow down on their drive to produce more job opportunities for everyone.

It is but their duty.

In the meantime, what we all do know is that a lot of people no longer have jobs and now need to fend for themselves.


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  • most of the time, those JO employees are the one making most of the jobs that are supposed to be handled by regular employees.

    More results with less expenditures -> i like this! hehehe

    • And look what happened??? As I have predicted dili rana siya mo lapas ug isa ka lingkoran…. Sayup iyang ge buhat kabalo man siya nga GAMAY RA iyang lamang kang Sahulga sa eliksyon nanagak pa ug JO… Mu daog lang na siya ug paagi sa kwarta… MAy lang ug kadaog na sunod eleksyun… Then what’s worse??? Na involve sa DRUGS and ge topic pa gyud sa TV5 ang MAYOR SA MALAYBALAY nga DRUG DEALER??? OMG igo raman tingale na siya gapaka ulaw sa atong syudad!!! Ipahawa na sa pwesto…

  • Well, that’s how it is with the new administration…as they said weather weather lang. It’ s his turn to employ his own people, it seems unfair but that’s the way it is no matter how we look at it. So that’s why for those who are unsure about their political allies should not be identified to play safe but they choose to and that’s the consequences they have to face….ang uban manilhig

    • @Rubz – “that’s the way it is no matter how we look at it” – this line sounds really sad and disappointing. If everyone thinks this way na and we don’t do our share in setting off sirens and reminding government officials that WE’RE THE BOSS then we won’t go anywhere gyud.

  • I am a local here in Malaybalay and I really love this place. no other place can replace it. but sad to say, our politicians are what we call “TraPo”. if Mayor Zubiri is firing JO’s for the “benefit” of our city then he should first fire those people who are not capable (meaning who are not qualified) and just got the job coz they’re “lakas” or someone who helped him and his family during the election campaign. Our local government should look at the resume of the applicants thoroughly and see if they have the capability to do their job so that the next time there will be firing of JO’s, it’s not because to save money but because they were lax in doing their work.

  • maayo sad n lay off n uban nga JO’s ky traydor n sla grabe tabang iñaki sa ila bunos padako nya, naa p jud rice allowans sa JO’s sya approv ana pati housing JO’s ya pa jud n hangyo nga tagaan tnan nya wla sla butar mga wla utang n loob gusto nla nga lahi mayor nga ila matalotaloan pra personal interest ky uban dha trabahante kurakot ug abusado gusto nla ila mayor abusado pod ug MAOY…SGURO TIME NILA NGA MKA REALIZE KY NAA SLA TRABAHO ADMIN UNYA KONTRA SLA BOTAR UNFAIR POD AYO A TGA ADMIN..MAAYO POD IñAKI DAUG PRA MA BANTAYAN N UBAN WLA KLARO TRABAHANTE ..

  • Keep the comments coming, guys! I just asked Mayor Zubiri for his comments. Let’s wait for updates 🙂

  • there are certain norms even in politics. a good leader or a statesman does not act the way this new administration does. after an election everybody must come together and work towards the betterment of his/her country or city. limtan na dayon and election kay panahon na sa pag tinabangay. it should be the ones who were elected who should extend his hand of reconcilation in order that the place moves forward. as the elected leader he becomes the leader of everybody- those who voted for him and those who did not. sad to say, the newly elected administration seem to have a medieval if not barbaric state of mind. like a lion who has just conquered a new pride then has to kill all the offsprings that are not his. i am very much disappointed with the actuations of our new leaders. it has shown itself this early to be an administration that feeds on the peoples fear rather than on their cooperation. sayang, this will surely create divisiveness rather than unity in our beloved city.

  • kanang secretary ni mayor zubiri..arogante kaayo mang istorya,,wala manay respito kung makighalubilo sa mga tawo..personal experience ko kani ako gisulti,,,mura mana gasalig nga lakas kang mayor, mang hinaot unta ko mayor zubiri nga imu na siya desiplinahon,,,

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