Malaybalay City Police Station FB admin blasts “undesirable” principals, school staff

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MALAYBALAY CITY NEWS | BUKIDNON ONLINE | BUKIDNON NEWS – So apparently some people, particularly parents, school principals and school personnel are criticizing the Malaybalay City police team these days. We don’t know the details but if we read between the lines, we could somehow understand what’s going on.

What’s interesting about this is that for one, the Malaybalay City police team has admitted that there is only ONE policeman available for every 3,000 (gee, thanks for reminding us!) and second, they took their response against these allegations to Facebook.

Can’t help but wonder if the Malaybalay City police team issued a formal response at all (i.e. a press release or a formal media statement) or did they just merely focus on Facebook? (is this even allowed and is this even professional to do?)

The following text was lifted verbatim (meaning no word has been changed at all) from the Malaybalay City Police Station Facebook profile (which reminds me…whoever maintains this profile should really take the time out to check the grammar)

Malaybalaycity Police Station had already been tasked with various duties and mandates and despite its depleted strength with approximately 1:3,000 police to population ratio, though so stressful and tiresome, we are performing at our best coz we are trying to meet the public’s expectation and thus provide quality services within our mandates.

Should the Police be further tasked to run after high school students who went on cutting classes? Is it not the parents, faculties and staff and more so the principal concerned be the one to take actions? Then why should this concerned high school principal/staff blame the Police for their FAILURE on their students? Then when refused of their request, complained and made unfounded issues to our higher PNP Office to discredit Malaybalay City Police Station… Wow so desirable educators…..

Inasmuch as we would like to help the school authorities, but it would sound so so unfair that the school authorities concerned be “DAWLIMS” or receiving salaries from the people’s money for their supposed responsibilities but pass on to the Police their mandates… So undesirable for them… A lot more people are needing the rightful services of the police rather than giving in to them.. Except when while in the performance of their duties, their lives and limbs be at risk, then perhaps we can provide security but needs to be processed and validated of the actual threat.. If they cannot perform their duties, they better resign and give way for more capable school administrators….

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  • Holy crap that Facebook post is hard to read! I see even more horrible grammar mistakes on the street signs. Some say, “Get high with God, not TO drugs.” I know and understand the sentiment but the sign should read, Get high with God, not WITH drugs.” I see one of those signs right in front of BSU and others all over the city.

    However, it is not the job of the police to run after truants and such. If anyone should be run after it is the parents of the kids begging in front of Jollibee when they should be in class. The last I knew school was mandatory in this country, not only for those who want to send their kids to school. If a person can’t afford to send a kid to free public school then they just should not have kids.

    That is a perfect argument for the RH Bill. Note I did NOT say abortion, just birth control.

    When the parents of kids not in school start getting arrested there will be fewer beggars and more students. All children need and deserve an education but it still is not the job of the police to chase the kids. They should be chasing the delinquent parents!

  • Well,of course although badly written there is an element of truth in what the police are saying.Every citizen would be the first to scream at the police if a major and serious crime occured whilst the police were chasing errant teenagers who dont want an education.Surely a system can be introduced that if a student does not attend class 10 times in one month without a valid reason or doctors certificate expel them immediately no second chance.You will find that parents will start taking a more responsible roll and the teachers can go back to teaching and the police can do proper police work and protect us in other areas.I am one for our great police force one hundred per cent

  • Based on the ratio of the number of policemen per the number of population is 1:3,000, we can reckon about a 100 policemen in the city of Malaybalay. But that is not true. According to Mayor Zubiri, there are only 30 police officers detailed to the City of Malaybalay with the population of almost 300,000.

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