Meet the dancing traffic enforcer of Valencia City Bukidnon

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A video of a female dancing traffic enforcer in Valencia City, Bukidnon that has gone viral has truly captured the attention (and hearts!) of so many people all over the world.

The video, taken and uploaded on a social networking site by Roldan Sedicta Dolosa Ayso, shows a stiletto boots-wearing female traffic enforcer. In the video, the lady traffic enforcer shows her dancing skills amidst the danger of running traffic at the Lavina intersection, Valencia, Bukidnon, a known busy area in the city.

female dancing traffic enforcer valencia bukidnon

Check out the video of the now famous dancing lady enforcer below:

oh ha!!!new traffic enforcer sa Valencia City.hahahawant to try???

Posted by Roldan Sedicta Dolosa Ayso on Thursday, 7 January 2016

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