NPA rebels attack Del Monte Camp Phillips Bukidnon

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BUKIDNON NEWS | MANOLO FORTICH BUKIDNON – Roughly 50 members of the New People’s Army (NPA) attacked the Del Monte compound in Camp Phillips, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon Tuesday evening, leaving 1 civilian and 3 rebels dead.

Army officials told Bukidnon News blog Bukidnon Online that one security guard died. The casualty remains unidentified.

Bukidnon board member Atty. Nemesio Beltran, Jr., on the other hand, told Bukidnon Online that 3 cadres or NPA members died after the gun fight.

Authorities also confirmed with Bukidnon Online that the rebels, led by a certain Jorge “Ka Oris” Madlos, burned a Del Monte-owned gas station and a Del Monte-owned truck. Rebels also reportedly stole medicine from the barangay hall of Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich.

Beltran added that Barangay Dahilayan captain Sahonlay was also held hostage by the rebels. No news yet if he has been freed.

Reportedly, Ka Oris claimed via a CDO radio station phone interview that their group targeted Del Monte for allegedly aggravating “climate change” and for allegedly causing Typhoon Sendong. The said typhoon hit Northern Mindanao in December 2011 and left thousands dead, homeless and injured.

A well-known Camp Phillips landmark, a giant Del Monte concrete pineapple, was also destroyed. Photo below courtesy of Alvin Cempron. (

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  • That's his reason? how pathetic. Del Monte has been in production for years. Its more than a company, Its a community. Some of the people that were affected by sendong had families living in Del Monte and the surrounding areas. The sendong Victims would not blame the company for what happened. Does he not know that Pineapples suck more water that any average tree. They attacked the community, The people that lived there. not the company.

  • It was shocking but the event did not trigger enough to reach national news. not big enough to be considered breaking news. This saddens me. For now everyone is safe, but what's the assurance it wont happen again.

  • In my 23 years of living in Camp Phillips I have never seen anything like this and never in my wildest dreams would I thought that this could ever happen in a place where we all called HOME.
    Let's all hope there won't be anymore attacks that would take another life of innocent workers and civilians.
    I pray for peace and the safety of my Family and My Friends and their Families and the whole community of CAMP PHILLIPS, DEL MONTE and the entire BUKIDNON.

  • I could understand Ka Oris motive, Let's say he needs supplies. They might be using deadly chemicals [Del Monte] for many years [heptachor] if I'm not wrong I think that's what Ka Oris was referring aggravating the climate change. Many years ago the

  • Ka Oris if you are reading this, this is for you. The Americans had been using this deadly chemicals in their fields. It pollutes the water supplies it has been known in Hawaii where they the original Del Monte banned already here. But in the Philppines they are still using it.

  • NPA, i just really hoped that doing all these gave justice to all the victims of Sendong. I just hoped. May God bless Bukidnon Land.

  • Hayzzz.. Gadugang dugang lang ni sila sa kalisud sa mga tao.. It has been almost 20 years since I last heard of a massive NPA attack in Bukidnon.. These guys will significantly lower the tourism in Dahilayan.. Stupid!

    On the other hand, hope my friends in Camp Phillips are alright. Prayers to them..

  • ka Oris, haller????Is Del Monte a god which can cause typhoon sendong?or that powerful to summon God to cause this typhoon? Do you need to kill innocent people to send whatever message you want Del Monte to get? That is, you want to harass a company that’s been operating in the Phils. and having Filipinos working and experiencing a comfortable life, sending their kids to school, with most of them now enjoying also comfortable lives…..get a life….come down and better yet help the country become a better place to live in……

  • ang industry maoy ilang gipatay nga maoy naghatag panginabuhi sa mag katawhan sama ra nga ilang gipamatay ang katawhan bisan ug wala maigo sa ilang mga bala. inhuman act.

  • ang industry ang ilang gipatay nga maoy naghatag ug panginabuhi sa mga tawo nga nagtrabaho sama ra nga ilang gipamatay ang mga katawhan bisan wala maigo sa ilang mga bala.

  • They need to find and torture these men, cripple them and send the entire families to N.Korea. Take away citizenship. Get more names and continue. The typhoon was not caused by delmonte or derforrestation, it was caused by big money and fossil fuels. Delmonte has had a good impact on poverty in Bukidnon, these silly assholes just want an excuse not to work. They prefer to steal items… Kill them slow, and send the families out on old boats… Let N. Korea use them for meat… If you are going to fight fanatics and crazy people, you have to be much worse in return… No mercy

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