PAGCOR e-Games casino cafe in Valencia City, Bukidnon

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VALENCIA CITY | BUKIDNON NEWS – The “casino life” has invaded the Province of Bukidnon. A Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)-regulated e-Games Cafe, which offers roughly 120 casino games, has been established at Valencia City, Bukidnon.

diamond dozenThe first thought that came to my mind when I first heard the news — they’re lucky to have been granted a business permit by the city government!

Is this the start of something bigger? Would this signal the proliferation of more PAGCOR eGames Cafes in Bukidnon…or a land-based casino perhaps? I heard that a proposal to put up a similar casino cafe in Malaybalay City has already been lodged before the Malaybalay City Council.

Do you think the Malaybalay City government will grant a permit anytime soon?

Bukidnon Online has learned that the PAGCOR e-Games is the gaming portal for PAGCOR-regulated Internet-based games. The content of these e-Games cafes is provided for by PhilWeb Corporation.

UPDATE: I visited the PAGCOR eGames casino cafe in Valencia City yesterday. Stay tuned for my entry about that.

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  • PAGCOR egames??? is this another legalized gambling activity??? if it is, then our responsible government officials should NOT allow it to operate. nothing is politically right if it is morally wrong. gambling is the source of untold miseries & problems it brings to those who practices it. let us not be blind to its evil effects.


    The City of Valencia is a city of gamblers because of so many gambling activities be it legal or illegal. The e-casino is one. There is a “wirkwirik” swertres and a PCSO swertres. gambling will just create a false hope to the people.

    When gambling is there, the criminality, prostitution, and drug addiction will follow.


    The City government of Valencia has no concrete project as far as illegal drug problem is concern. It is because the drug lord is a supporter of Mayor Leandro Jose H. Catarata? I am just asking. I am not making a conclusion.

    One incident, in City oval a woman was killed through 18 stab wounds on her body. The suspect was killed by the supected drug addicts. however, until today there was no person being charged in relation to such killing. It is a drug addicts game. when are we going to stop it. The City Police office must do something to stop this drug problem.


    What is the result of police investigation on the murders of the following:

    1. Benjie morales;
    2. Mr. dayondon;
    3. a security gaurd of sincere drug store; and
    4. Barangay Capt. Loloy Abejar;


    What is the result of investigation and warrant of arrest of Mr. Jardinico, a mayor’s bodygaurd, he is a suspect in the robbery and his motorcycle was impounded by the pnp as element of crime.

  • Maayong Adlaw sa Tanan!!!

    I have no problem with this kind of gaming.This is legal, above board, and regulated. I play for amusement or entertainment. It’s just like paying for a SPA treatment, or a night of drinking and videoke with friends. I should be allowed to do however I want to be entertained or amused with my own hard-earned money.

    Why do some people aim their guns on this LEGAL gaming, while they turn a blind eye on the illegal operations around them. Why do some “righteous” people allow the proliferation of LOTTO outlets, Bingo parlors, jueteng/masiao, and the SABUNGAN that has been with us for centuries?

    Would “illegalization” of cigarettes and alcoholic drinks stop people from using it? think about it before you judge and brand people like me who are into gaming…please be fair or be square!

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