Pulangui River after Typhoon Sendong

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Bukidnon was not spared of the wrath of Typhoon Sendong. The typhoon, which has an international name of Tropical Storm Washi, hit several areas in Bukidnon including Valencia City. As of press time, Typhoon Sendong’s wrath has left more than 140 people dead in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan and hundreds more homeless.

Storm signal number 2 was raised in Bukidnon.

Bukidnon was hit with very strong winds and rains Friday. In Valencia City, the riverside communities were affected plus several houses and rice fields. Three houses in Barangay Poblacion got swept away by flood waters.

Below are some Typhoon Sendong photos taken at Barangay Batangan area. According to the sender of these photos, Valencia City resident Francis Awiten, he took the photos Saturday morning. As you can see, the water level at Pulangui River really rose.

As you can also see from the photos, a back hoe almost got totally submerged. The bridge in the photos is still under construction. It’s supposed to be part of the National Highway that would also lead to Davao.

Several areas around Barangay Poblacion also got flooded out.

* photos courtesy of Valencia City Bukidnon resident Francis Awiten

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  • hello valencia…i’m so sad of what happen of my city valencia…I always pray to our almighty and loving father to protect my city and my country from any danger…i miss you joshua,EJ,jade mag amping mo diha tanan…i miss you all..i love you kids..

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