School in Talakag Bukidnon needs donations – let’s help!

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BUKIDNON | BUKIDNON SCHOOLS | ANNOUNCEMENT | TALAKAG NEWS – So we’ve been on the look out for another organization here in Bukidnon that we can help somehow. After our successful fundraising for victims of Typhoon Ondoy (the money raised by this blog about Bukidnon,, and events organizer/PR firm ASTERISK Events and Communications, with the valuable support of Malaybalay’s Finest Artists or MAFIA was duly turned over to Red Cross Bukidnon Chapter), we remain committed and inspired to help our fellow brethren in any way we can.

And then, thanks to fellow Bukidnon Blogger Marilou, we remembered this school in Talakag, Bukidnon that relies on donations from generous spirits. Bethany Christian Home for Children, Inc., which started in 1940 through the efforts of Louise Lynip, aims to care for and teach orphans. Unfortunately, Ms. Lynip died in 2005 and donations have since dwindled as, according to the school’s website, Lynip was “the connection between Bethany and the donors abroad.”

And so now, Bukidnon Online’s next project would be to extend help to this school in Talakag. If you want to donate anything (toys, books, school supplies, clothes, food, baby milk etc), please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. We will gather all donations and then duly forward them to Bethany Christian Home for Children.

You can also send monetary donations via Paypal (you can send money using cash, your bank account or your credit card). Please CONTACT US for our Paypal email address. Any amount will be most appreciated!

Please feel free to share this page to your family, colleagues and friends.

Thanks everyone and let’s help Bethany Christian Home for Children. God will be the one who will reward you tenfold!

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  • Thank you very much for making this appeal on Bethany’s behalf. Your support means so much to us. May I add that Bethany also needs volunteer teachers. New graduates who may want some experience while waiting for their board exam results or student teachers who may need to complete their required practise teaching hours are welcome.

    • @Miss Marilou – I’ll make a separate blog post about that. Thank you so much for your support to this humble blog. I will send you an email today. I would be more than glad to help/contribute somehow.

  • guys, help me make a website of my own. i’ll place there all the school i find that still needs more of our help. pls help me make a free website with a domain name. i got a friend who could promote it throu advirtisements online. tnx so much..

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