Son of Bukidnon senator TG Guingona involved in car accident

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BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON | BUKIDNON ONLINE – The son of former Bukidnon congressman now Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona III figured in a car accident early today, Friday, September 9, 2011.

According to news reports, Guingona’s 18 year old son Pieyter Norman Guingona crashed his Isuzu Alterra onto the center island of the Katipunan flyover in Quezon City. Guingona had just driven his girlfriend home in Pasig City and was on his way home when the vehicular accident occurred.

Guingona’s son got stuck on the wheel. Authorities believe that he may have fallen asleep while driving and lost control of his car.

There are allegations, however, that Guingona may have been texting while driving. According to a witness, Guingona’s car was traveling fast before it crashed onto the center island. Reports say that there was no sign that the son of the senator had been drinking.

In a statement, Senator TG Guingona said: β€œIt was unfortunate that it happened, it was a self accident, no civilian was hurt, we’ll keep you updated as to the condition of my son.”

If it’s true that the son of Senator Guingona, Pieyter Norman Guingona, was texting while driving, then this is not setting a good example. Guingona, famous for his campaign tagline “Galit Ako Sa Buwaya,” might as well launch an investigation on this and see if his son needs proper reprimanding. The people of Bukidnon will be monitoring this.

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  • To say that he was texting while driving you need hard evidence and proof. He’s a very good man and sets a good example to people. he does not text while driving. He would’ve seen the island either way. Maybe he zoned out or was looking another direction, ever thought of that? Didn’t think so. Y’all are always making such huge issues outta some accident.. ACCIDENT. The boy’s in the hospital and comments are saying that he should get imprisonned? What in the world.. Are you guys out of your minds? Tell me, if y’all would get in a car accident would you want to get imprisonned for something you didn’t even mean doing? Like looking somewhere else and not knowing the island was there? Geez. Chill out everyone. He’s a good guy. Just let him rest and let’s all pray for him and his recovery.

    • Obviously, you know the young Guingona boy and we’re guessing you’re friends with him. Perhaps you should be the one who should take a chill pill because no one’s saying that he should get imprisoned. Reprimand is way different from imprisonment, sir.

      • Not on this article it doesn’t say he should which is good but in another article whrein the comments keep saying that he should.. Oh man, I was talking bout the other people so if they see this. Sorry.

  • Bukidnon online pls be informed on a lot of comment him being imprisoned. Perhaps you have not undergone talks and discussions online re him be imprisoned. true, it is way out diffrent but mikey may have commented on it in response to others comment in another sites.

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