Stanfilco closes, 400 people lose jobs in Bukidnon

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BUKIDNON | BUKIDNON ONLINE INFO | BUKIDNON NEWS – Awful news for some 400 people in Bukidnon. Banana production and export firm Stanfilco has closed down and that meant that roughly 400 people lost their jobs as well. is not sure if Stanfilco only closed shop in Bukidnon or if their other offices/farms have also ceased operating.

The 400 people in Bukidnon who lost their jobs were regular and contractual employees of Stanfilco. Stanfilco has a farm in Guinoyuran, Valencia, Bukidnon.

Stanfilco is a division of Dole Philippines, a producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruits such as bananas, fresh vegetables and fresh cut flowers with a growing line of quality packaged foods.

The 400 people who lost their jobs held rallies outside the regional office of the National Conciliation Mediation Board. They claim that they were terminated without notice.

Each of the laid off workers were provided with a 1-month separation pay for every year of service as well as partial payment of their 13th month pay.

Stanfilco allegedly said that poor quality of harvests prompted them to close shop.

Interestingly, just two years ago, Stanfilco was declared as the country’s top banana exporter.

So what now, Department of Labor and Employment, Provincial Government of Bukidnon and DOLE Philippines?

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  • I think the biggest problem here in Bukidnon are the extortionist who claimed to be the New People’s Army (NPA). STANFILCO decided to close down due to persistent collection of the so called revolutionary tax and harassment of the company administrators. I wonder what is the government of Bukidnon are doing about this?

  • I would encourage Stanfilco laborers who were once tenants of Mrs. Conception Belderol and other big farm owners to organize themselves and reclaim those lands. As tenants, they have the right to till the soil. Survival is the main issue here. People should not die of starvation, because a company closed shop. People should not be made sacrificial lambs for the company’s lousy handling of the banana markets. Since Stanfilco gave up, they should leave and leave for good. It has already inflicted irreversible damages to soil and environment.

  • Extortion! Hay pagkapaet baya…thats one of the reason why I decided to close down my business in Bukidnon…But I really like Bukidnon, I am hoping that I could set up again my business after all waters will be cleared..

  • sana mabayranan ng mabuti at nararapat ang mga empliyado na ma-out sa STANFILCO. kawawa kasi yung family nila specialy youn mga naghirap at doon lng nka rely sa sweldo nla. isa doon ang papa ko. almost 8 years na xang regular at 50thou lng daw ang ibyad sa kanya? ano ba yan?

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