Survey: Should former Bukidnon congressman Neric Acosta be appointed as DENR secretary?

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SURVEY | POLLS | BUKIDNON NEWS | MANOLO FORTICH – It’s been the buzz since last year. Last month, after months of speculation, reports stated that Former Bukidnon First District Congressman and losing Liberal Party senatorial candidate Neric Acosta (or Juan Romeo Nereus Acosta) said he had accepted the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary post. That meant that he will soon replace sitting DENR Secretary Ramon Paje.

Now the big question in everyone’s mind is — should Neric Acosta be appointed as DENR secretary?

You may all recall that a case was filed against Acosta, his mother Socorro Acosta, and aunt Nemia Bornidor for alleged violations of the provisions of Republic Act 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act), as amended, and RA 6713 (Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials).

The case is docketed as “Fr. Venancio Balansag, Jr., Et. Al, vs. Cong. Nereus Acosta, Et. Al.”

Balansag lists the Bishop’s House in Malaybalay City as his address. His fellow complainant, Felix Vergara Jr., of Maramag, Bukidnon is a member of the board of the First Bukidnon Electric Cooperative.

In a lot of interviews, the Acosta camp even questioned the motives of both Balansag and Vergara. Balansag is the brother of incumbent Malaybalay City Mayor Inaki Zubiri’s wife. The said mayor is the cousin of Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, who, coincidentally recently issued an appeal to President Noynoy Aquino on the appointment of cabinet secretaries. also has a copy of Neric Acosta’s statement on the alleged smear campaign against him.

So going back to the million dollar question — should PNoy appoint Acosta as DENR Secretary?

Should Neric Acosta be appointed as DENR Secretary?
Only after the cases will be resolved
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  • hahaha i see this as the beginning of the end! this will end the zubiri’s reign here in our province because they are the one’s who have mining and logging business.. illegally! see people? who’s barkin now? good for you and us neric.. god bless bukidnon

  • Manifesto of Support for Dr. Neric Acosta for DENR

    To the People of the Philippines
    To President Noy Aquino,

    The scientific community has already reached a near-universal consensus that climate change is real, that it’s primarily caused by human activity and it’s happening faster than anyone could have foreseen. we’re seeing its effects all around us — more intense heat waves that disproportionately affect us, more severe storms that wreak havoc on homes and communities, and all kinds of changing cycles in the natural world. although our contribution to the total global carbon emission is almost negligible, our share in its after effects in the form of calamities is enormous. We have all been witnesses to this reality in recent years. The urgency to act therefore may be increasing faster than most of us had anticipated.

    Because of this, we believed that we are on the critical juncture in our history wherein we need to adopt earth-friendly policies to mitigate the effects of climate change, identify environmental limits, regulate the usage of precious resources and design economic policies that will work within them. We are also in dire need for earth-friendly leaders who will be passionate enough to implement those policies. Leaders who look at nature not as a source of profit but as a precious gift. Not as a support for life — but life itself.

    It is on behalf of these urgency that we decided to give voice to this manifesto, united by a convergence of hope, intentions and wills. We want that our manifesto be understood as an appeal to the Filipino people ad to President Noynoy Aquino to appoint the world-famous environmentalist Dr. Neric Acosta as the next Secretary of the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

    We do believe that he can ably give justice to this position as he has already proved himself as a die hard ally of nature. He possesses not only the necessary expertise demanded by this position, but has already proven his case with his unwavering and consistent espousal of earth-friendly advocacies through the years. Moreover, he is not all talk, but a rock solid contributor to the cause he embraced by backing them up action by sponsoring and passing pro-ecology legislation when he was still part of congress.

    His numerous lectures on ecology and its related issues had inspired confidence in us and led us to believe that we can still do something in our struggle for a livable planet in spite of the unbridled exploitation of its resources in the nae of development.

    It is therefore our fervent belief that his talent will not be wasted if it will culminate with his appointment as the next DENR Secretary of the Philippines.

    We support this manifesto, and we are hopeful that the Filipino people will join us and our beloved President will heed or appeal.

    Haleem Allan Baña Mindanao Coalition for Neric Acosta

  • I am sorry but this initiative now appears to be an academic exercise. After Neric expressed repentance and thereby exonerated of all the charges levelled against him, I might consider supporting him, but not as DENR Secretary. Philippine Ambassador to Bangladesh perhaps.

    • Hi Father Jun, I think this post was written about a day or two before PNoy purportedly said he will put the appointment on hold because he’s “satisfied” with his current cabinet 🙂 Anyways, I think it’s still nice to see what others think. At least may nangyayari dito sa blog na to hehehe

      • @Haleem, oh that makes forgiveness difficult also. Devils do that, they never ask for forgiveness, so they are not forgiven, too. The preponderance of evidence should have moved one poor sinner to tears.

        • this spiel leaves me with an impression that if Neric never asks for forgiveness, he will be liken to devils? well good luck to comments which smacks of self-righteousness.

        • that’s why in many instances, a penance has to be imposed on someone who was culpable of any “external violation” of the law. In church parlance, we call it “sanction”, which does not depend on someone’s disposition, pleading guilty or not. the long arm of the law will reach him wherever he is. Oddly though, if he pleads guilty, he is forgiven.

          • before i forgot, the doctrine of absolution after confession (pleading guilty) was used by the spanish colonizers to catch and eavesdrop on rebels. It was used to control a conquered people -our people.

            • @Haleem, as expert in religious studies, you must know that a priest will be excommunicated when he reveals information taken with the sacramental seal of confession. Maybe you must have missed such pertinent details. I might equally have the same difficulty when it comes to Islamic laws.

              • @fr. Jun, yes, ideally, anyone who breaches that seal of confessional should earn a “latae sententiae” excommunication. But history taught us that the sacrament of penance is not inviolable, indeed it became an important intelligence apparatus of the state. Manuel de Cespedes and other leaders of the Cuban revolution for example were sent to prison after one of the rebel’s wife (Trinidad Ramirez) made a confession to a priest-( Anyway, we veered away from the topic already.

                • @Haleem, like what you said, the priest in the Cuban rebellion was meted with ipso facto excommunication. Why the fuss about it, he has been disfellowed by the Church. In German, they always say, Ausnahme bestaetigt immer die Regel, that is, exception always justifies the rule.

  • oh I was refering to Haleem Allan bana’s Mindanao Coalition for Neric Acosta. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    • @bukidnon online: no problem, fr. Jun and I are just having a healthy exchange. Personally, it widens my perspective and makes me understand the issues better. Nothing personal.

      • @Bukidnononline, I agree totally with Haleem. Thanks for the opportunity to air our views. Truth may be viewed from different angles. I want the people to judge for themselves, as to what is true.

        • Thanks Fr. Jun and Haleem! Just wanted to make sure that we’re all okay. I guess I just want to be more careful now since there are certain people out there who easily leave rude/uncouth comments like there’s no tomorrow. Case in point — I wrote an article a few days ago about this treasurer in a barangay. Got the info from Sunstar and RMN. Unfortunately, the infos the two media outlets were allegedly wrong. So obviously people were irked and left very rude comments. Kahit na I tried to explain that the news came from two other media sources, they still tried to attack me. What a way to give props to someone who’s doing all of these voluntarily, huh? 🙁

          Anyhoo, please allow me to thank you both plus all other commenters in this thread. Thanks for sharing your views! Really appreciate it 🙂

  • Fr. Jun, even if he was excommunicated a million times, that does not prove the inviolability of the sacrament of penance. Like celibacy, there are rules, so does rule breakers – inside the church.

  • @Haleem, When Osama bin Laden violated Islamic laws with the murder of thousands of innocent civilians in 9/11, that does not make Jihad, the least of all islamic options, a illegitimate option for Muslims in times of war. I hope the parallelism makes sense.

  • I am filipino (but not from Bukidnon) and I am a forester by profession thus the appointment of the DENR Secretary is important to me. I am cetain that some groups are happy now with the recent confirmation of the appointment of the incumbent as DENR Secretary while others were disappointed including me. The DENR system needs complete overhauling especially the mindset of the officials from top down to the CENRO level and I see Dr. Acosta’s leadership skills, his heart, his experience as legislator and as a real environmental advocate who can make difference in DENR and the country’s ENR sector.

  • @forester in Germany, ich kann Ihnen Ihre Meinung nicht uebel nehmen. Aber Sie sind nicht im Lande, und Sie wissen wenig ueber die Feinfuehligkeit der philippinischen sozio-politischen Umstaende. Nereus Acosta ist in verschiedenen Koruptionsverhandlungen zutiefst verwickelt. Er gibt den Eindruck eines sauberen Politiker, aber wir hierzulande kennen ihn halt besser.

  • @Haleem: I wuerde sagen “beides”: uns mit dem Thema eingehend beschaeftigen und glechzeitig Menschen mit unseren Deutschkenntnis verblueffen! Ich freue mich, dass Du auch ein gutes Deutschkenntnis hast.

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