Teaching Bukidnon Girl Scouts of the beauty of the Internet

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BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY CITY NEWS – Last August 15, 2009, I was invited to speak before the Girl Scouts of the Philippines – Bukidnon Council during a reorganizational meeting of the said council’s various girl clubs. The event was held at the GSP Bukidnon office at the Capitol area, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon and I was tasked to speak on news writing and website management.

It was really fun to talk about the Internet, how it has contributed so much to the community and how it has drawn people all over the world much closer together. It was doubly fun to talk about it before young eager minds! I discussed the basics of news writing and then moved on to teach the girls basic website management. I specifically taught them how to maintain the official Girl Scouts Bukidnon website which, I’m mighty proud to say, is being hosted gratis (free) by me! I also bought the domain. It’s my simple way of contributing to the GSP movement. The GSP Bukidnon website, by the way, was (and still is) a surefire hit among the GSP councils all over the Philippines and has garnered for the Bukidnon council several valuable points! Aha! 🙂

Anyways, I also shared with the girls various websites and online tools that they could find useful in not only pooling their friends and fellow Girl Scouts together but also in selling and earning online. You see, through the power of the Internet and even through simple blogs, the girls can now sell their handicrafts, beaded jewelry pieces and other Girl Scouts crafts. That means more customers for the council and of course, more money to be raised for the movement.

Thanks again to the GSP Bukidnon council for inviting me and hopefully I can share more next time 🙂


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