Thousands in Bukidnon lose chance to vote in 2016

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As you may all know by now, voters who did not have their biometrics taken will not be allowed to vote during the 2016 elections. “No bio, no boto,” according to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).

People were given until October 31, 2015 (more than a year since COMELEC started their campaign) but because Filipinos have this unfortunate penchant for doing things at the last minute, thousands failed to have their biometrics taken. This is also the case in the Province of Bukidnon.

malaybalay comelecBukidnon Online took this photo about two weeks before the deadline of voter registration. As you can see, in Malaybalay alone, thousands still do not have biometrics.

malaybalay comelecSayang.

So here’s a question – how do you feel about people who failed to have their biometrics taken? Do you think they’re irresponsible? Or do you think that they should not be judged even though they were given more than a year to register? Do you think people who did not register do not have the right to complain about government inefficiencies anymore? Remember – the right to vote is the best time to have a citizen’s voice heard.

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