TM Astigfest Republika ng TM event in Valencia City on June 12, 2009

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PROVINCE OF BUKIDNON, MINDANAO -It seems like the Province of Bukidnon is on a roll these days! It’s fast becoming one of the favorite destinations of various corporate sales blitz events, concerts et al here in Northern Mindanao. Following the Talk ‘N Text Gaaniversary held in Valencia City, Bukidnon last April, now it’s Touch Mobile’s turn to try and garner more subscribers here in Bukidnon.


A TM Astigfest (Republika ng TM) event will be held on Friday, June 12, 2009 at the Plaza Rizal, Valencia City, Bukidnon.

This Republika ng TM Bukidnon leg is made possible by TM (Astig Tayo Dito!) in cooperation with DXIQ Love Radio 106.3 Malaybalay (Kailangan Pa Bang I-Memorize Yan?)

The event will take place the whole day of Friday, which is, of course, incidentally Independence Day. And yes, what good way to celebrate Independence Day but by highlighting the power to choose which provider to subscribe to and the freedom to choose which call and text packages to avail of?

Remember – you can also buy your very own TM simpacks at the venue and avail of TM’s wide range of services and call and text promos. Learn more about TM’s offers at the TM Astigfest event on June 12, 2009 at Plaza Rizal, Valencia City, Bukidnon!

Watch out for photos only here in Bukidnon Online!

See you there 😉

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  • The promo of unlicombo and unlicombo100 that you tm is offering is such a crap and scam . in your website and print ads.. you clearly stated “You may register to the promo any day, any time. But you may only use the unlimited call service from 10pm-5pm the next day. You may use the unlimited texting any time of the day”. And then you just suddenly stop my subscription. Notifying me that my subscription is stop dahil sa di pangkaraniwang tawag.. so as a curious subscriber I called your hotline and inquire the message that I have receive.. TM didn’t clearly stated the policy that you have!..
    ano bayan gagawa kayu ng policy na kayu lang ang nakaka-alam . malalaman lang naming kung tatawag kami. Sasabihin nyo FYI subscriber meron kasi kaming tinatawag na limited airtime usage na pwede ninyung gamitin. nasobra na po ang paggamit no sya tawag.. What a crap promo that you have…. You should change the name of your promo. Don’t use unlimited if you don’t know the meaning of unlimited.. ang dami nyo pakulo para lang makalinlang kayu ng mga tao. Hopefully your management team will look-in to this concern.
    Even if where not paying you a huge amount of money. Provide us with the service that we are expecting. Where not asking you for more, just give us the service you offered to us!!!
    The way you explain the policy of limited airtime for the unlicombo promo’s is a way of fooling and taking advantage of your subscriber. Your policy, terms and condition or whatever your have .shoould be posted.. We the subscriber have the right to know the terms and condition since you are DOING BUSSINESS WITH US!!!!!!
    Oo astig! Astig kayu manlinlang!!!

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