Try shooting with real guns at NMPSA Firing Range Laguitas Malaybalay City

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Looking for something new to do in Bukidnon? You might want to try practical shooting at a Malaybalay City firing range! Yup, by practical shooting we mean the use of real guns, rifles and shotguns and of course, real bullets! How’s that for a Malaybalay tourist spot or a new Bukidnon tourism attraction?

Practical shooting is actually a sport that challenges an individual’s ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full-power shotgun, handgun or rifle.

The NMPSA Firing Range in Laguitas, Malaybalay City has actually been operating for a while now. This Malaybalay City firing range is home to many gun and shooting enthusiasts. The NMPSA Firing Range Malaybalay Bukidnon also hosts shooting competitions. Members of the army and police force also come to practice their shooting skills as well.

nmpsa firing range laguitas malaybalay* photo from NMPSA Firing Range

guns nmpsa* photo from Mindanaoan

nmpsa firing range malaybalay* photo from NMPSA Firing Range Malaybalay

mindanaoan practical shooting nmpsa* photo from Mindanaoan

So do you think you can take on the challenge?

Here’s a female’s recent practical shooting experience at NMPSA Firing Range CDO (you can find the rates and contact number there as well)

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