Valencia City Bukidnon flashflood affects hundreds of families

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VALENCIA CITY | BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON ONLINE – Hundreds of families reportedly got affected when flashfloods hit Valencia City, Bukidnon today, Tuesday, December 27, 2011. The flashfloods were reportedly due to heavy rains since Monday afternoon although Bukidnon Online received word from reliable sources that a team was sent to also investigate the alleged cracks found along the Lumbayao Dam. The dam found in Lumbayao is an irrigation dam.

Valencia City government officials told Bukidnon Online that although they are still figuring out exactly how many flashflood victims there are, they say that about 200 families have already evacuated to the Valencia City Gymnasium.

About 350 families were also sent to the Barangay Batangan hall.

No casualties have been reported as of 6 PM Tuesday.

Bukidnon Online was told that the following Valencia City Bukidnon barangays were affected by the swelling of Pulangui River: Lumbayao, Sinabuagan, Maapag, Katumbalon, Pinatilan, Batangan, San Isidro, Kahaponan and Barangay Poblacion.

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Check out the video taken by a Valencia City resident of the Bukidnon flood:

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  • Dear sir’s .
    My fiance and her family have been made homeless by the floods and have lost their home /farm and all possessions . They are staying at a centre at the moment but dont know where they can get help and advice to rebuild their house . could you please send me email addresses of help agencies to apply to so that i can advise them of what help is available to them ?
    Thankyou Mr Edward Edwards

    • Hello, you may want to start with the Valencia City government (don’t think they have an official website, sorry) or you can try the official Bukidnon government website at – good luck!

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