Can You Walk From Malaybalay City To Cagayan De Oro?

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Because these brave folks did! Several Bukidnon residents finished a different kind of Holy Week penitence when they walked from Malaybalay City to Cagayan de Oro. From CDO, Malaybalay is roughly 91 kilometers away and a trip via public transportation usually covers about 2 hours and a half.

The Malaybalay to CDO walk took the group a total of 32 hours and 16 minutes, according to one of the participants, Niko Aldeguer.

“Our main goal for this walk was really just to walk for our sins. It was very tiring but definitely achievable,” Aldeguer told Bukidnon Online.


When asked how many pitstops they had to make, Aldeguer said that they only slept for a little over an hour. “We couldn’t risk it because if we rest, it could result to muscle pain.”

Aside from Aldeguer, the other participants of the walk were Cleve Lou Taveros, Vaneza Claued Chaves, Canosa Nikklaus Bayo Lago, Sheena Dapigran, Jade Omictin, John Dominic Mugot, Kevin Lloyd Rodriguez, Brylle Nikko Macasero, Al Adrian Antipasado, Rey Opeña and Edgem Figuracion.

For those who want to try a similar experience, Aldeguer had this to say: “Even non-athletes can do what we did. We realized that although stamina is important, it’s really more of one’s determination to finish. As long as you have the heart, you can do it.”

malaybalay-to-cdo-walkThank you Niko and congratulations to all the participants! Hopefully this could inspire others 🙂

Photos sent to Bukidnon Online

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